Sequence of life : people and thoughts

Oh man! Same lunch again…

I was looking at the dinner and it was like, “I don’t wanna eat anything, it’s okay!”.

You will understand these feelings if we have been at hostels during your education.

Life seemed so much difficult every time I went for my meal. First of all the meal is so much spicy, that reddish gravy, those fixed combos of vegetables and on top of that, my acidity…… Read More Sequence of life : people and thoughts


कारण तू घरी असतेस

. . अगं ऐकलंस का…….? आज बंटीची बस येणार नाहीए. मला वेळ नाही. त्याला शाळेतुन तुच आण. *कारण तु घरीच असते…..* अगं माझा मोबाईल चार्जर सापडत नाही, battery low आहे, तुझा फोन नंतर लाव. तुझा चार्जर मला दे. *कारण तु घरीच असते……* आज मला लवकर office ला जायचे आहे , आधी पेपर मला दे. तु… Read More कारण तू घरी असतेस

What makes life, love last longer? rough thoughts : People and Thoughts

Since the day I came across these thoughts in the post “Who are you?”, A question that has been disturbing me is..What is life? What’s there in life that we are so eager to live each and every moment of it? what makes you love? Why are we always curious to know about future? etc…… Read More What makes life, love last longer? rough thoughts : People and Thoughts

Happy Days…

One of our Managers, “Mr. Manoj Shukla” left company today. He officially resigned.Being a team member, the days with him have been best. Although I was fresher in the team, his support was still awesome. One of his habits I liked is the technical impression he had on the people. He was a good manager,… Read More Happy Days…