Khadush: An app for quick transaction search


If you are a frequent reader of “People and Thoughts”, you would know that I think a lot. Here’s one more thought of a journey my close to heart project called “Khadush”. Now, what is “Khadush”? Lemme explain.

Recently I stopped by a shop nearby, bought a few things and paid with Paytm. The other day, somehow I couldn’t recall if I paid him yesterday so I went back and asked him. He didn’t remember either.

I not only forgot If I paid him but also couldn’t recall If I paid by Paytm or GooglePe or did I pay with some other UPI. I had no way to find that out. The only option was to open all available apps and check through their order history to find out If I paid him yesterday.

And this, lead to the development of an app called “Khadush”. It’s named after a nickname of one of my closest souls and family member. Here’s how “Khadush” helps.

  • When it’s about transactions, security/privacy matters a lot. Khadush is designed in a way that it would be capable enough to hunt through your text messages and identify transactional messages on the device itself.
  • This approach is best and secure because then app won’t have to use any third-party service to identify and locate transactions. So no data goes out. Super secure. Isn’t it?
  • On top of this below are some of the features that Khadush has:
    • Khadush comes preloaded with its own ability to detect what biometric security your device has and with one click, you can enable biometric authentication for app. By default, authentication is turned OFF. You can enable it from options.
    • Khadush is simple. No complexity. There could be ‘n’ no of more features that could have been developed ( and we would, of course, consider suggestions) but the intention of Khadush is to be simple. Just open it, use filters and quickly check out your transaction.
    • Khadush also has the ability to live track incoming text messages ( disabled by default) so that transactions would be reflected as soon as they happen. It can be enabled from options.

I hope you like the app. This page is created for beta testing of the app. I’ll be listing down all updates with a listing of all added features in subsequent updates.

Please feel free to try the app and lemme know your suggestions or bugs if any.




Stay tuned for changelogs and updates.


Thanks 🙂



Update: 23rd Jan 2020

Download link : khadush_release_23012020


  • renamed app from Overview to Khadush
  • fixed compatibility with some devices.
  • added feature: live SMS tracking