Why you should not dream ….

Do you dream ?


I had a dream …

. . I had a dream.. A dream in which I was tied to the tree and was being beaten … More

I mean Really ? Don’t say yes …

I was looking out from the gallery of our office, I saw group of people going by, a butterfly flying … More

This is why your life doesn’t work your way …people and thoughts

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Self in the mirror ….

How are you ? Its been long since you haven’t talked to me ..isn’t it ? If you are gonna … More

Why meditation is absolutely necessary to every-one of us … people and thoughts way :-)

Human world is not an easy place to live in. We have to feed ..

it’s not just physical food, its mental food ..status, wealth, opinions, people etc..

hunger of the body is nothing compared to hunger of the mind.There’s our unlimited desires meet with limited source of mental food.

Time actually flies …

Every single soul in this universe is different from each other but still there are few similarities. Each one of … More

Whats wrong with your life ? : People and Thoughts

Dream that keeps you awake at night is the dream you should follow…right ? No ! A dream without a … More

How to achieve your goals and be successful in life … : People and Thoughts

That blind spot always reminds me that I’m not done yet. There’s lot many things yet to be learnt …lot many codes to be written …and I know, I’m completely aware of the fact that its a blind spot. It’s not real..It’s there to encourage me all the time to do something new, to learn something new every single day !!! 

This is what happens when a blind person suddenly gets eyes … : People and Thoughts

Few days/years back, It was tough surgery for doctors because they had to transplant cornea of a man, who lost … More

Code or Comments : People and thoughts

  Ah! you forgot to write comment here at line no 233. Correct that and check it in … “Nothing … More

Why it doesn’t work for you? : People and Thoughts

One of the fundamental things that most of the people don’t understand is that “If you want it great, it … More

Sequence of life : people and thoughts

Oh man! Same lunch again…

I was looking at the dinner and it was like, “I don’t wanna eat anything, it’s okay!”.

You will understand these feelings if we have been at hostels during your education.

Life seemed so much difficult every time I went for my meal. First of all the meal is so much spicy, that reddish gravy, those fixed combos of vegetables and on top of that, my acidity…

Controlled freaks …. people and thoughts

Along the life till now, I’ve learnt that there are going to be few things in life you have no … More

Fear of nothing !!!

It was late night when she got up in between and noticed some disturbance around shrubs in the garden. It … More

Are you perfect? Does that even matter?

I was on the terrace last night, talking to my mom…and we see a couple gossiping louder enough that I … More

Why you should watch magic : People and Thoughts

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You are looking beautiful …Sari vs Skirt : People and Thoughts

I love being in my own thoughts. I love going deep into things with what I see, what I understand and what I perceive. My brain simply doesn’t discard usual things people discard.

I was looking out from the cab’s window, listening to the semi mute voice of air leaking through window and Outside, I see some girls alongside road. Almost all of them had expensive dresses, high hill sandals etc and one of them was standing out..Because she was poor. She was wearing simple dress with relatively less make up.

A rude Pastor : People and Thoughts

Note: Not for over thinkers… I have named my internal existence as “Frank”. Here’s what Frank usually asks me again … More

कारण तू घरी असतेस

. . अगं ऐकलंस का…….? आज बंटीची बस येणार नाहीए. मला वेळ नाही. त्याला शाळेतुन तुच आण. *कारण तु घरीच … More

Now this is funny and meaningful too !!! People and Thoughts

  Your heart skipping a bit might not be a sign that you are in love, it might mean that … More

Did you ever feel the same ?

I looked down..down on the floor…its solid floor !! Some dust on it, looked back at myself !!! You know, … More

You want orange? People and thoughts

Hey, you want Orange ? hey..I’m talking to you ..!!! Me? why are you asking me ? Is that orange … More

A page from father’s dairy…

Daughter is considered to be father’s second love. I strongly believe it in the sense that you occupy not only the first but all the stages of love in the drawers of love in my life. I know how much you mean to me…

Random World…

Because I think, growth isn’t possible without compromises, sacrifices in terms of time, money, stress, friends and all forms of it.

A glance at life till date…

Yesterday night, I was on the terrace for a while. I had no one to talk. It was just me on the terrace,waiting for someone to message me to ping me back as usual..I knew, my friends have gone to home and they could be little bit busy or somehow they won’t be able to talk…It was fine. actually I convinced myself that its fine..I’m so used to daily conversations…it wasn’t fine inside.

Being Human …

Sometimes while looking at the screen of my mobile, my PC, we think wisdom comes with the age…but don’t you think ,its correct?

I asked this to many people and lot of them answered, “I don’t think this is true anymore with this vast era of information being spread over the internet daily…everything being shared by people …I think today, even 5 years baby knows how to operate a computer.”

Copying machines…

Today I was seating in a library, and I saw two friends. One of them was reading something and other was interrupting her by saying that we should go outside and have some break. But first one refused to go out, and continued with her reading. Then other one went somewhere (well, I don’t know exactly where she had gone). Then again after some time other one came back and peeped into her friend’s book. Then she also start reading.