It feels great when people genuinely want to do something for you. People and thoughts

Huh! It feels as if I’m writing this after eternity.

I was on my evening walk where I get a call and I stop by a shop, a mutton shop. I’m not sure if it was a couple or brothers-sisters but they stopped by on the same shop to buy a chicken.

While the shop owner was preparing it, the lady called the shop owners daughter (age 3-4 years) and lifter her up and started talking to her. The daughter was not at all interested as she was playing something and the lady was kind of disturbing her game.

And in a minute or two, she realises the same, puts her down and starts playing with her instead. The daughter also calls up her another sister to give more company to them and in a moment they all are friends. The daughter starts talking and laughing on her jokes.

Needles to say, I love babies and I love observing people, the incident caught my attention and a thought popped up.

You know, first of all, I like people that are different. Forget that she was a girl but I like it when people are away from the rich-poor mentality. Mind that shopkeeper family was super poor.

Sometimes, the family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept for who you are. The ones who would do little things to make you feel good.

Not to admire myself but I’ve been being the same for many people. I genuinely like to help when they need help. I can’t usually help much but I do it as much as I can. The hardest thing though is you try to help them but still you are the one that’s bad. Like I don’t expect anything in return from anyone but it hurts when things like these happen.

Sometimes it’s too late to make things right. Sometimes unintentionally, we hurt others more than we realize. Sometimes, a smiles fades away in front of your eyes and sometimes I gets portrayed as if we are the reason behind tears in someone’s eyes.

Like I love it when things like these happen.. times when I see people doing something for others. I don’t know who the lady and her brother was but I thanked them for making the day of both daughters. It feels great !!!

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