It’s not easy, I agree (now) : People and thoughts

Since I was in 10th standard, its been my thing that I won’t want to marry because I always thought that getting involved into one more family and thereby so called ‘Sansaar’, I would not get time for things that I wanted to achieve in life.

My mom would always convince me saying that my thought wasn’t true and that everyone who has done well in life is not unmarried. One fine day, my aunty called me and she tried to convince. She talked about how my mom is worried about me and how I will get a right girl and family that would let me have some time for my things.

I got married recently and things are going awesommmmmmme. There’s one thing marriage has taught me and that is to respect my girl.

If you are a regular visitor of my blog, you would know that I have habit of understanding/observing people. I remember the marriage day when we were about to head back home along with the bride. It was time to say goodbye to everybody and while she hugged her mom, everybody around had tears in their eyes. Even I had to turn away because the emotions were so intense that even I had little tears.

Looking at everybody crying was the time when I promised myself that I would never put her in any intentional situation where she would have tears in her eyes. That was the time when I realized how difficult it must have been to leave your home and be with completely new family.

Trust me, it’s not easy. It’s easier to overlook the facts but since that day, I’ve been witnessing what it’s like to be with a new family and I really salute my wife for being so mature, for adjusting so nicely with the new environment. Believe me, I would never be able to make it it was me there.

I always feel I’m the right person to write on all of this because I have been being away from family to a completely new hostel, so I clearly know how It feels like. Yet she managed to mix up with new family very well. I always respect that about her.

Right from the moment she sat in the car with me on our marriage day, she seemed okay. I just loved that about her. Like I’m sure she must be sad but she came out of it so quickly that at one moment she was crying with family and in the next moment she was with me, completely normal.

Of course she must be feeling it, she must be thinking of home but to be normal even after that, is not easy and being an over thinker, I notice that pretty quickly. I feel it along with her when she goes into the kitchen and gets little confused about cooking. I feel it when I see her eating less than usual, I feel it when I see her sitting outside alone for a while.

Mind that I’m not praising her, I know every other girl has to do it but seeing all this happen in front of your eyes is different level of experience. You witness the struggle they have. I truly have huge respect about her for everything she has been by now. Like forget about us being husband and wife, I would still have the same respect for her.

Anyways, it might not mean much to you but just wanted to share anyway. Thanks for being here. 🙂

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