Why did she bit her tongue : People and thoughts

I was having my dinner yesterday. I love eating it slow so I can enjoy every bit of it’s taste. I’m eating it and suddenly my mom mistakenly bites her tongue and says, ‘Oouch!’. She describes it as a little disconnect between her tongue and her teeth….

She said, ‘it doesn’t happen all the time. It’s a tiny mistake by her brain’.

This one sentence almost took my whole day yesterday. Why you ask?

You see, our brain keep taking data in all the forms. Be it be visual, be it be sensory. Everything is an input for it. This flexibility in accepting anything from the world and using it to optimize itself ( her teeth doesn’t bite her tongue all the time), could very possibly be the key to being the best species on the planet

There must be some mechanism, some self correction mechanism in the brain that realizes the input, the scenario was a mistake and uses that to train itself not to do it again…

Does this sound familiar? There is some sort of self labelling mechanism in the brain that makes possible to accept any form of data as input for model training… there’s some sort of feedback loop that let’s our brain label what’s right and what’s not…

We don’t have these mechanisms for our Machine learning algorithms !!!!!!! ( you see the excitement in !!!!!)… I know you would say that we do have feedback mechanisms for our models but mind that 1. Those mechanisms are not automated 2. This non-automation ( excuse me for lack of words for ‘not automated’) does not generate any feedback that’s extensively be useful for model. That feedback is just a tip of iceberg for model… as opposed to our brains automated labelling that makes possible continues training and predictions in the real world in the real-time.

This whole thought was there to me for the whole day. I was just not able to take it out of my head. I wanted to know, how does her brain understood that it was a mistake. Of course an obvious answer is biting her tongue hurt but mind that not everything that hurts is a mistake. There must be something else.

I could not find answer to it. I slept.

For some reason, I had a dream where I saw a girl that had her birthday that day but she chose to be with poor people, helping them, making their day special instead of hers.

I don’t know what it has to do with my thoughts about self correction mechanism of our brain but I’m an over thinker. We do overthink things. I wanted to know if the dream and my thoughts mean something.

You know, one of my dreams has been to build a system that would be self aware. A system that could at some level, mimic consciousness. Why is it my dream is another story but I don’t want to die doing nothing being in this world. I want to be someone whom people will remember for years.

It’s 1.40 AM in the morning here, I don’t know why am I writing this now but I just to wake up abruptly from my sleep and it feels like No!!! I won’t have to do anything special to be known. I should do it because I want to. I just should be me.

May be that’s what the dream meant. Just be who you are, be good with people, never think of just yourself, be there for people, be good with everyone, try to make others smile … that’s all you need to be.

That no matter how much you try, you will always be a villain in someone’s story. Whether you mean to be or not. And that’s the trick. You won’t have to be special. You won’t have to put any dent in the universe. Just be yourself. Those who mean, will automatically at least smile after seeing you and that’s enough award for you for your deeds. In fact that’s all you need.

and here I wonder…what keeps us alive is a continuous stream of thoughts. We can ( in future) make an algorithm understand what it means by ‘sitting in the car’ but what’s next for it? Should it look left? look right? should it drive the car? if yes, where? or should it just sit in the car and look out ?

who will tell that algorithm “what’s next” !!! The next step can’t be programmed, it shouldn’t be reproducible, it should be random enough to make it get out and get in the car all the time or it shouldn’t just decide to keep looking at the driver !!! Look at us !!! our thoughts aren’t random, our behaviors aren’t random…. those could be purposeless but we don’t do random action, we don’t think random ..

The stream of thoughts is something that keeps us alive. It gives our life a purpose…and I think that’s the step I should think towards … knowing where and what’s the nature of random thoughts that are random enough not to disturb the whole system but still manage to look natural.

Let’s see what does today’s dream has to bring up for me !!! You have a good day/night ahead. Someday I will find the answer to how and why did my moms brain understand that biting tongue was a problem and self-corrected itself. 😉

BByezzzzz !!!

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