One quick question – have you dreamt about your future ?

Everyone’s dreaming about tomorrow. It would be interesting to think of what you dreamt about … when there was time for you to dream about you tomorrow !!!

Were you just sitting and dreaming about taking on the world? or you just thought you would never be and continued anyways … with a hope that everything will be okay !!

or are you someone like me, whose just looking at these exclamatory marks thinking why are they decreasing one by one here … while the three dots are still constants !

or are you someone, whose been dreaming so long enough that his/her objects have learnt to live with him…

Think about it !!! Do you want to just keep dreaming or you want to get up, work beyond 9-5, work hard and be different.

Because if you think enough, you would know that it doesn’t matter whether you do or you don’t. It’s always about ‘Do you want to do your job, be with family, attend functions, enjoy life’ or ‘Do you want to be someone people will remember forever for’ …

Life is not easy .. don’t you dare to make it that way… life’s not fair, it never was, it isn’t now and it won’t ever be…

Rather have courage .. because when you do, you get stronger, you get respectful … not only of yourself but also of that you fear !!!

Choose it because you want to, do it, because you want to … It’s always on you !!!

Because if not today, there’s no guarantee there’s tomorrow. So get it and work now …

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