A mentally disturbing thought … People and thoughts

I was working on something on my computer last night and suddenly I recalled one of the the theories I had listened to before.

I was looking to my desktop and a thought just came that shook me really hard. Here’s the thought.

You look at the desktop, there’s this screen, a rectangular screen … there’s an icon on it. Blue colored rectangular icons on which you click and write an email.

You write an email and send it. For the very fact that I can see the blue icon, the blue email application, does it mean that the email that I send is also blue and rectangular?

Of course not! There’s a lot of complexity that goes on behind the scenes that makes it possible to send an email. But as a user, if I have to deal with all of that complexity, I would never even think of writing one.
Which means that the interface that I have, the desktop interface, the icons, the wallpapers, the windows, applications.. all these tools are kind of an eye candy for me that let me do what I want to do.

Just like If I try to understand every other tweet in the universe at a time, I would die alone after 60-70 years and still won’t be able to finish half of the tweeter data. But If I use some visualization tool, I can zoom out of the data to understand the trending topics, the regional matters. It definitely hides the reality behind every tweet and shows me the only things that I need to see, in a way that I would understand.

So does this mean that this 3D world that we live in, is a desktop interface of our world? a 3D one for that matter? and that the objects we interact with, the space, time is all the eye candy to keep us alive? Is it a data structure that we evolved?

So when I open my eyes in the morning and there’s something that I describe as my car and I go and open it’s door, I know I’m interacting with something. But that something is not a red car and it’s not in space and time. It’s just an icon on my desktop interface, some conscious experience that makes me interact with something. The best I can do as a member of the most advanced species in the world is to call it a car .. and my car for that matter.

It’s just like being in Grand Theft Auto, where all the world of GTA is there and I can interact with almost anything in there, the cars, people, houses .. I can almost feel the space time but none of it is there. It’s all there in the game.

Think for a moment being a character in GTA. Would you ever know that there’s something out of the game that’s controlling it all? It’s not possible even if you try to open up your skull and try to understand the neural activity in it neuron by neuron .. because your brain itself is a part of the game.

Is it that we’ve been playing Grant Theft Auto for so long that we’ve forgotten there’s a reality besides Grand Theft Auto?

Look at yourself in the mirror, all you see directly is your eyes, skin and hair. If someone open up your skull, you would probably see your brain, neurons and so forth but instead, what you don’t know you can see and that you still experience is your hopes, aspirations, your mood … an experience. It’s all a VR experience. I’m talking to you, I’m interacting with your consciousness but I can’t see it. I still can’t feel how you feel, Only thing I see is your skin, body, hair, looks…

You would say, if that’s the case, if space and time is doomed then how in the world is that I can jump in front of the car and die and so I don’t do it !! How would you explain that ?

Well I know I can jump in front of the car and die and I don’t do the same is for the same reason as I know I can drag a file into a recycle bin and it would get deleted. Those are the rules of the headset, the standard format that you can’t go beyond.. and If you do, you pay for it ..

I mean I can imagine a line, I can imagine a square, I can imagine a cube … if I think of going one dimension higher, my brain simply halts and nothing happens. I can’t even go to 4th dimention.That’s terrible. Isn’t it?

You would say, whatever it is, the interaction with the objects in physical world is a genuine interaction. I can feel a touch to the door. How about that?

Well ……… mind that the sense of touch itself is part of your desktop interface. Search for a term “Synesthesia”. people with Synesthesia can eat an apple and can physically feel a shape in their hand. Like physically. It’s a genuine touch that they feel.

The point of user interface is to let you control the reality without even knowing what the reality is. Knowing the truth, being forced to deal with the reality may not be a help. I mean if I say, the only way to send me an email is by toggling the voltages, well good luck, you will never hear from me. It becomes far more easy with an interface and that’s what evolution did to us.

OH ! what the hell !!! It’s difficult for me to look at myself in the mirror now ! Don’t even want to think of it anymore. It’s hard to look around and believe that I’m real.

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