A thought worth thinking …

It’s not that I hate scrolling on Facebook and Instagram but I have this rule for myself that the moment I encounter 10 consecutive stories or posts that I genuinely find uninteresting, I force myself to close it and stop scrolling.

The primary goal of every app on your smartphone is to make you stick to it as much as possible. Whether it’s scrolling on Instagram or shopping on Amazon.

How you ask?

With every scroll that you make, apps are getting better and better to give you the exact custom tailored content that would send you right into the hole that you can hardly come out of.

Don’t get me wrong, it does make our lives better, it does mean that the content I need is always right Infront of me even without searching for it.

But mind that it is changing our lives in a way that we can’t even understand. For instance, let’s say, I’m thinking of buying a phone for myself and I come across a review of someone telling me that Samsung is the best when it comes to phones.

I search for Samsung phones, buy one and I end up agreeing with that person. Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, wherever I saw that review, the platform takes a note of that.

After days, almost all platforms, knowing that now I’ve a preference, start showing me videos, posts, products that are pro-Samsung because they know I would be clicking more on content that has to do with Samsung… and suddenly I’m following Samsung groups, YouTube channels. I start buying not only Samsung phones but also their other products like washing machine, watches & tablets. I start following their tweeter handles where people with similar view reply telling me how right I am… making my preferences even stronger.

Think of where this is heading. I hardly get to see the content other than my likes and if that’s not enough, I’m just a click away from hiding the post that I did not like and suddenly all the related posts go away.

If I have no interest in learning about a subject , I don’t dare to come out of my comfort zone because all other platforms that are intended to make my life better, they will never serve it to me.

Again, don’t get me wrong. This technology is amazing but think of the future generations. They’re not even going to consider shopping in person as they can get it dropped at their doors by afternoon.

It’s that we are choosing isolation. The more you stay online, the more enclosed and narrowed your life becomes with the things/new you like, the videos that you keep watching or whatever social media posts that conform on your decisions.

The trouble, you think you have time but at the same time, you’re relying on algorithms that have no interest in your life, truth, lies, self improvement or any of that….just keep scrolling and be worries about comparing your vacation, your photos, you life with life with people on Instagram, Facebook.

We’re heading towards making an unstable world where no one thinks they’re wrong at the same time, very few knows the truth.

If that’s not enough, china is already setting up a system where people will be rated by good and bad things they do. And by bad ,I don’t mean crimes or murders. I mean crossing road incorrectly or playing loud music in public. Right now in china, behaving little different than what can cause problems could literally affect your rights ..

and it’s not just China…even today, you get your home loan based on your credit score, if you are a cab driver and you don’t get a good score, you’re not going to get enough rides.

Every other device around us, is in some way already collecting the data in order to optimize itself to give you better suggestions.

Isn’t this all too alarming ?

Huh! lemme get out…

It’s not me saying that the tech isn’t exciting, what I’m trying to say is if you feel your life on social media is not good, because other’s post awesome pics of their own holidays, be assured that it’s not their life, it’s just a highlighted reel of their lives that are edited to look good.

If you take little step back, realizing how things behave and being grateful for technology, I think that would let us be careful about being in-line with the real intentions of technology.

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