We don’t like change. Do we? People and Thoughts.

As it’s winter starting in India, I absolutely love sitting out in my corridor at night, when everyone’s in sleep. The silence, the loneliness paired with the gentle super cold breeze is a killer combination.

There’s lot of things in life that takes us by a surprise. Things like how not knowing age of anyone on the internet makes you feel superior even by arguing with an eight year old.

Or how a floor keep us from dying because of gravity pulling us but if you get high enough, gravity uses the same floor to kill us.

“Life is too short”, so they say .. and we take it quite easily. So let me put it this way .. “Our planet isn’t so bad. Being able to sleep without worry bout being eaten or murdered by a stranger, is the most privileged thing. Appreciate it, because it hasn’t been this way”.

We almost forget how smooth things inside our eyelids are.. things that make us forget about a blink of an eye… think of it being made of sandpaper. How many times had you blinked?

Think of this !!

We’re born without our will and we know we will die without our will ..but regardless, we’re here .. we’re alive. appreciate it, because somewhere in the past, almost everything on earth was killed by an asteroids and the dinosaurs. We’re here from the remaining 1% that somehow survived.

Remember that no matter how we’re here without our will, there’s still a lot to see, a lot to learn and improve with …

I know, I know .. I’m talking about many things but it’s just me .. putting all my thoughts here while sitting out in the corridor, so bare with me ..

Sometimes I can’t justify thoughts in my head .. because I keep wondering how ‘passwords’ is one thing that keeps opening our own accounts a lot harder for us than hackers. Or how coincidences can make us look either too good or really bad.

Like how a person with one wrecking bar can look more suspicious than a person carrying three of them.

Anyways we were talking about how there’s lot of things in life that takes us by a surprise. Like how our body constantly keeps 3D printing our hair 24×7 and we don’t even realize that. Or how we sweat when it’s hot but objects like your coffee mug, they sweat when it’s cold.

Or how our dogs can understand our language pretty well if you think about it. But we can’t even understand what a single bark means. Does it mean that they have better language skills than us ?

I see how confusing they would be to watch us scold them for peeing in the bathroom whereas they see us doing the same all the time …

But no matter how much I love dogs, I hate mosquitoes. I mean I know you do .. relationship between mosquitoes and humans has always been love-hate relationship but how many of you thought of it before? I wonder the degree to which one hates mosquitos is in direct proportion to to how much mosquitos love us.

You kill them in just one snap …but have you ever thought of that you could kill only the slowest !!! Well that’s how they couldn’t survive their life from your snap but it does mean that by killing the slowest and the smallest ones, you are leaving behind the ones that are biggest and the fastest and the best ones alive…which would breed and make even big mosquitos.

Can’t we win even by mosquitoes?

Forget that .. what’s been impressive for me, is how impressive are the people who take naps. It takes courage to wake up twice in one day, as if waking up ones wasn’t enough… Haha !!!

Sometimes I wonder how extremely wrong were those people in 2015 that were asked a question “Where do you see yourself in next 5 years ?”…

And that’s why I hate a phrase “That’s how the world works” because the same people who respond with “that’s how the world works” when told to be nice or something are the exact reason why that’s not how the world works…

Lot of problems in the world simply exist because there’s just too many of us .. and we have such a determination not to change our attitude.

We don’t like change …do we?

Anyways ..I’m getting back in now. Talk to you later. You have a good day/night šŸ˜Š

4 thoughts on “We don’t like change. Do we? People and Thoughts.

  1. Are the seasons in India (which part are you at, btw?) same as the seasons elsewhere? I ask because I’ve been to Myanmar, and their ‘winter’ in some parts is basically a drier version of tropical weather. I’ve only been to India once and I loved it. Anyway, thanks for this post!


    1. First of all Thanks for your comment Stuart. Seasons in India are little different than elsewhere (especially the winter). The winter in Pune( part of India where I’m at) is in equilibrium. It’s not too much to have a snowfall but at the same time its not that warm to not feel the cold. It’s the enough amount of cold that makes you feel super awesome.

      Since Myanmar is much closer to India, weather there quite matches India’s. I’m glad you visited India and that you loved it :).

      Thanks for being my reader. It always encourages me to write more.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Omg not only did I only visit India once, my time there was EXACTLY in Pune! Lol. I visited the Chinchechi Talim to write about the mud wrestlers. Great to know that you’re there too. I loved my time a the city.


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