Everything that you know _________ : People and Thoughts

Imagine yourself sitting around the table for a family dinner. Besides you is one of your cosines that you haven’t met since long.

After a while, he opens up his mouth and very confidently starts talking about a subject that he clearly knows very little about. You look down at your phone, a quick Google search and you find out that everything he is talking about is wrong.

But It doesn’t look like he knows it. Anyone else know it either.

His confidence builds up so quickly and strongly that you wonder, does this guy know, how wrong he is !!



For a moment, don’t judge the person, but most of the times, people, who know very little about the subject, tend to overestimate how much they know. Simply because they don’t know how much they know.

You might have a question about the truth of this fact. Truly your should just know when you feel that confidence right ? No!!

Think about it for a minute. Let’s say, e.g. I taught you python programming language for 20 minutes for a week and then I give you a test.

I give the same test to another student as well. I’m sure you would know that you will do at least better than the other student because he wasn’t taught python. But that’s not true. Because the truth is, just a week of python is not enough. You’ve just discovered the tip of the iceberg. But just because you don’t know how big the ice under the water is, you will keep living in the illusion that the tip that you know, is all of it. You simply remain incompatible to judge yourself to know how little do you know.

You won’t believe but we feel and see this effect everyday. We all are the victims of this effect. We tend to listen to the people who speak the loudest rather than listening to those who’re trying to share their knowledge.

Mind that this effect, is not entirely the bad thing. Rather it’s one of the things that let’s us take a leap of faith. I started ‘People and thoughts’ without knowing how difficult maintaining, writing the blog is. How you can’t write a blog everyday. I didn’t know all of that.

All I knew was to write an article, put my thoughts and that’s it. If I knew how difficult it is, I might not have even started. So, in a way, this effect makes us make a move at first without warning about everything about it that we don’t know yet. It gives us the confidence to start …

When you get that first step though, then it’s up to us to know how much confidence to get to little that we know. We must realize that we’ve just scratched the surface and there’s still a lot to know.

So the take away is, Don’t be satisfied with the knowledge you have, keep improving, keep learning, always ask questions, and be curious.

Your curiosity always be rewarded, whether you know it or not !!!

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