Are cellular Carriers in India killing you ? People and thoughts

You might not know it immediately, but it’s happening !!

I came across an incident today that made me realize how brutally we are being handled by cellular carriers and their rules. Now, I don’t care if they are being controlled by someone or all these revised rules are their own, I’m explaining this as a customer/user and I just aim to make everyone aware of the situtation.

Lemme explain a scenario that I went through.

My sister came to me yesterday and asked me to recharge on her phone ( a pure internet recharge). She wanted a small recharge that would give her around 3-4 GB data instantly.

I opened up an app, selected a recharge of Rs.48 . I proceeded for payment and it need my phone number to be verified (probably because I recently reinstalled the app) and my phone could not send sms. So payment could not proceed.

Okay! I opened up another app to recharge on my phone for SMS so that I can quickly top up with Rs. 10 or something and that would solve the problem.

Guess what ! I recharged with Rs.10, My balance was Rs.7 and the other app still could not send SMS for verification.

Ok! I wanted to know why so I called customer care executive ( the cellular customer care) and I could not find one click option to get to them. I had to listen to their bullshit describing all their offers and this and that and an option to call customer care ( which most of us really call those numbers for) was berried deep in the hierarchy of press this for this and press that for that…

Alas, I managed to find out that option and talked to their executive and guess what ! She literally said me that the facility of sending SMS from your talk time is no more there. You will need to have SMS pack to be able to send SMS.

Wah ! Wah ! Wah ! Ok! I bowed down to her and hanged up the call. I opened the app again so that I can get a some SMS pack, at least that would solve my issue.

I went through their app and there is no SMS pack recharge. I’m damn sure it’s not just about my carrier, it is same for every other carrier in India. There was no SMS pack available. The option was to recharge with their pack above 128 that would give you some 100 SMS as a part of the pack.

Mind that that pack was priced at Rs. 128, had just 2GB data for 24 days and 100 SMS. Wow! so it meant that I had to buy their pack which was above Rs. 128 for one SMS and 2GB data. and there was no other pack below Rs.128 that would offer SMS addition.

Where is this going ? I mean really? You are removing the functionality of charging Rs. 1 per SMS from talk time, you don’t have any alternate SMS packs tuned just for SMS and you have other packs that are above Rs.128 that provide shit for that money and I had to buy them for sending one SMS !!! What the hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No ! no ! no! wait.. story doesn’t end here. I went ahead, did that fu**ing Rs.128 recharge and instantly I was able to send SMS. So I opened up the app, tried recharging her Rs.48 recharge, was able to send SMS and her recharge got done.

I wanted to verify if she can browse the internet after recharge and guess what ! She could not !!! Why? because her cell service continuity recharge ( the mandatory one that every body has to do to keep service continued) was over.

Awesome ! So it meant I’ll have to another recharge that would re-enable my cellular service and then she would be able to use the internet data she just got.

So I went ahead and looked for Rs.49’s recharge I guess .. but it was not visible anymore. why? Because that Rs.49’s recharge is discontinued and you would know that its now Rs. 79 or something. Rs.79 monthly for keeping my cellular service active.

Wohaa !!! I had to recharge for Rs.79 again. Let me sum up all the recharges.

Rs. 48 : Cellular Data

Rs. 10 : To keep some talk time in account

Rs. 128: SMS capability + 2 GB data

Rs. 79 : to keep service continued


Rs. 265: Total to get me benefit of Rs. 48 recharge that gives me 3 GB data in total

and mind that even though I did all these recharges, all this is going to last just for a month. If I want to recharge something in the next month, it’s going to be the same.

this frustrated me enough that I opened up another cellular carrier apps and started verifying their recharges. It’s all same everywhere.

You recharge for continuing your cellular connection

You recharge worst special recharge for SMS

You keep at least Rs.1 balance maintained in your account

You recharge special talk time recharge to be able to talk. 1 Paise/Second

and if that’s not enough, If I have a dual SIM handset ( which almost everybody of us have these days) then you have to do these recharges for both SIM’s. Because my SIM 1 is used for banks transactions, so I’ll have to make sure that I keep its service running with recharge which was Rs.49 before and now fuc**ing Rs 79 for a month.

I get it.. you would say, find a recharge that has everything and use it .. but No! you’re wrong .. there is no such recharge.

Look at their plans on their app. Their plans are designed in a way that none of the packs support everything at once and if it does, that recharge is super expensive.

and even if I do that recharge, guess what, they don’t have enough internet speed so doing that all in one recharge is completely useless. and I literally went through almost every other cellular carrier apps and they don’t show the recharge that are obvious, they would trick you to buy a recharge that you don’t want.

I’m sure I haven’t covered all the restrictions and I get it… it might be directly the cellular carriers as this is all across the board. They must be controlled by some regulatory authority but why should I care as a user?

Where are we going? was this planned ? to offer free internet at first, provide free SMS, low cost recharges, exciting offers, get everyone onboard and once they get used to it, start bounding them with restrictions and make them pay !!!


I don’t understand whose that genius to come up with these restrictions … I don’t understand how common man is supposed to use mobile phones ..

and we’re talking about making India a technologically advanced country …!!! How is it gonna be ? I don’t think it’s ever possible with the presence of all these devils. Those who are hungry of money and have no humanity left.




I don’t know what do they eat. I’m sure they must be eating currencies in their meal.

Anyways… I don’t want to talk on this topic anymore. I’m sure there would be frustrated people like me but none of this matters. All that matters to these carrier or their regulatory authorities is how much money you pay..

I’m gonna break off my SIM card and shut everything down right now. I would prefer living in 1960’s where you work for a day, earn some money and use every paisa of it properly..

The only thing I wanted to do by writing this , by explaining this is to be make everyone aware of all these restrictions ( I’m sure its not just happening with this industry, things like these are happening everywhere .. ) ..

So yeah, if you want to help, let everyone read this and let’s make ourselves aware of such behaviors. Let’s learn to notice these changes.. because this all is un bearable. and India can’t really go advanced unless we get rid of all these money-hungry devils.

Cellular Carriers in India are killing you slowly. You don’t know it immediately, but it’s happening !!









Note: This article was written to put my thoughts and observation to public. All the thought here are my own and I don’t intend to hurt anybody but these words and experiences need to be spread to make everyone aware of happenings around the world and I definitely feel it necessary to do so.

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