How to keep everything going … people and thoughts

Lemme tell you this at the start itself that when you read this, you think though every other sentence here.



One day, we born … and one day we will die … everything that’s in between is something that we know of..something that we understand … everything that happened before and that will happen after, we know nothing about it …

and that always confuses me as to why we’re here ? What’s the importance of us being here !!

If we don’t know where we all are going and where we all came from, how can we tell our present actions have any significance at all !!!

However, a lot of us are comfortable to agree to some beliefs that society has put onto us to deal with the anxiety of knowing answer to “WHY we’re here” !!

Some of us think that God has made up this universe and he has put us all in here and what and how we do things in here determine where and what we would be doing next…

For others, meaning of life is the love & care we share with friends and family …

whereas for some others, existence of life in itself is worth living.




for some people… all the actions, suffering, emotions, beliefs .. they all are meaningless and senseless.

and that’s Nihilism. Belief in nothing !!!



WHY !!! A word that’s capable of making anything and everything that feels like an achievement, a sleeper slope.

Just pause here .. think of your own personality, your own core values and question yourself …WHY !!!

WHY do you believe what you believe .. WHY do you believe those things..

Where do all those beliefs come from? WHY have those become your core values?

Keep on questioning everything about you and your life and eventually you will end up at a point where you will no longer have an answer. ..

You will arrive at nothing !!



Think of it for a minute .. if everything in life is meaningless … look at where we’ve come. The wonder of science, space exploration, human race, your money is all waste .. Knowing that all things we experience, the up’s and downs we go through …. in the end, it’s all for nothing.

If life is truly meaningless and we’ve no purpose for being here, our response should be to make best out of the bad situation that we got. ..

Instead of seeing the glass half full or half empty, we can directly throw it in the bin and drink right through the tap till satisfied ..

because at the end of the day, one more day will be wasted that anyways meant for nothing ..

so my through about life could easily be to look at it from a perspective of knowing that ‘nothing is going to matter’.

It’s no more than a trip from maternity ward to your grave. ..

So take advantage of whatever you got .. and make it work. Because the second, it’s no going to matter. Whether you do it .. or don’t do it .. so why not make best of it !!

So forget about who hurt you, who did not listen to you, who blame you, things that didn’t work .. forget about it all !!! Chill down !!

Don’t embrace it … learn to say ‘Okay’ to everything that life has to offer. Keep going …

Here’s a good read to know people’s views about WHY !!! – Who would you save? a Stranger or your pet?

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