This is how you negotiate your salary with your boss : People and Thoughts

One of the interesting days in the year for employees is the day when they get their compensation Emails. I’ve seen people gathering in groups, waiting for the mail. They don’t discuss their raises but are very keen to knowing others. Thank god I’m not one of those.. but anyways !!

Let’s say, you got your own Email, you read the whole compensation letter and it looked like you did not get enough compensation. Now if you think your boss did not justify your efforts? hold your horses … walk through the article.

I came across few thoughts around how you ask for a good raise and just wanted to put those here. Doesn’t mean I’m getting awesome payscale, doesn’t mean I that’s the only way … just a train of thoughts being put here.

First way most of the people think about is like, If I’m going to negotiate for a raise, ‘oh they might fire me’ !!! That’s the problem no 1. That’s the wrong way to look at it.

If you’re going in and asking for a raise, you aren’t devaluing yourself as long as you’ve done enough to justify your ask. You’re actually increasing your value.

The other problem I have seen quite a lot is that people believe that they have to go in, show their sadness, show their anger and be like ‘Hey, give me my money’ !!! Well, if you do that, of course they’re going to kick you out. That’s not at all a good way to do it.

The effective way I see or I believe is this :

You send an Email to your boss, you say, ‘You know what ! I would love to meet with you and I would love to discuss with you what it takes to be an absolute top performer to make life easier. Can we set up some time in the next week or so?’

Of course your boss is gonna say ‘Yes, I would love to see you’.

So you go in there, and you say, ‘Hey, really appreciate your time, I’ve been enjoying my role & I’m here to tell you that I don’t just want to do a fine job, I wanna be a top performer and I would love to know what it takes to be on the top’.

See, I’m not going in and saying like ‘give me my money’, I’m asking for advice. The problem is, most of the employees just show up, do what’s expected, and then they’re like how come I’m not getting $20,000 raise !!! Because you don’t deserve $20,000 raise unless you go above & beyond.

Anyways, you have a little discussion and you say, ‘Okay! I did some research on things that can matter to be a top performant, specifically with my skill-sets,. here are three things I would like to work on, I’m gonna commit to sending you an update every week or two and at the end of six months I would like to come back and show you what I accomplished. If I do it, I’d like to discuss a salary adjustment at that time but let’s not even worry about that right now’.

So I start working on it, I send update on every friday, I start improving, blah blah blah … Now the time comes after 6 months. Note that this is not being done just for compensation, it’s done for the fact that when I ask for $20,000 raise, I make sure that I deserve it.

I send another Email now and I say, ‘You know what, as you know I have been updating you every week or two, I have some fantastic results to show you, we hit this, we hit that, I’d like to come in and present the whole thing to you, can we set up some time?’

Mind that I’m not even talking about the Appraisal day. I’m just talking about doing you homework first, being the actual top performer.

So now I go in, you’ve got your email, graphs, you did great job..fantastic… How is the boss feeling right now?

Amazing right?

Now it’s your time to talk about the salary compensation, now you get to have the conversation. That’s how you negotiate your salary.

So when people say, ‘there’s no way to negotiate my salary, or they’ll fire me’… yeah they will. If you actually become a top performer, then it makes perfect sense that you would get top performer compensation.

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