Void in the rushing world … People and Thoughts

There are times when you don’t know what’s happening. The Adrenaline stops working, like it has no effect on whatsoever is happening around you, you simply don’t want to respond. You just want to look at everybody, give a little fake smile and pretend as if everything is perfect but only you know, it’s not…

There are countless number of reasons why do you wanna be like this. Sometimes we don’t have answer to things in life, you just want to let it continue as it wants to, and sometimes…

Mind it, it’s not easy to be like this. We as a human, we have tendency to grow with society, grow with people. Simple thing as being alone at home, upsets us … But for people like me, the introverts, the ones who don’t have much to talk to people, the one’s who are awesome as person but they themselves don’t believe society, they have hard times understanding people, the one’s who want to please everyone …

For people like me, it’s difficult to be here in this world. Not physically/emotionally though but they simply want to be alone because sometimes, it feels like you belong to nowhere. It feels like top 1% of the top 1% of the people you like, they too don’t really understand/know you, they do get misunderstood…

And that shakes you from the bottom…

I know, I’m being worst to explain exact stuff that I want to put down but yeah, it’s getting harder to put. If you think, you kind of understood my world, you’re welcome. I’m glad you understood !!!

Anyways … I’ll be okay. In-fact I am okay !!!

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