Why Nelson Mandela is a great leader … People and Thoughts

Everybody knows Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela is universally regarded as a great leader.

I was reading about him on Wiki, I read few more other pages and there I read, One day, he was asked. what makes him a great leader !

And he said, every time he went with his father for some tribal meetings, he observed that his father was always the one to speak the last…

I myself did not understand what he meant by that. I went out for a walk and I was thinking about it, why he talked about his father being the last to speak while he was asked about him being a great leader !

You know, you will be told for the whole of your life that you need to learn to listen, I would say, you need to learn to be the last to speak.

I see this everywhere … many leaders walk into the meeting room and say, “Here’s the problem, here’s what I think but I’m interested in your opinion, let’s talk!”

This skill to hold your opinions to yourself until you hear everybody else, does two things .

  1. It gives everybody the feeling that they have been heard and that they have contributed.
  2. You get the benefit to hear what everybody has to think before you render your opinions.

And mind it, it’s not just keeping your opinions to yourself, it more about understanding what others has to say, why they are saying what they are saying … understanding them without being biased.

You must understand from where they are speaking, why they have the opinion they have, not just what they are saying … and at the end, you will get your turn…

It sounds easy … it’s not !!!

Practice being the last to speak. That’s what Nelson Mandela did.

credits: Simon Sinek

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