How to get control over what you see… People and Thoughts

Note: Things described here are real and serious. They can change you as a human. At the same time, these things are not for everybody. You need to see if it suits you. Quite frankly, I’ll not be responsible if this causes any damage to you and yourself.

These things done right by right person can change whole your life and will open up completely new world.

so what am I going to talk about that is so serious !!!

Stop doing everything else and concentrate here for next few minutes.

Somehow with all things that I have been reading and understanding, I almost believe that we are living into simulation. Why? Listen to this.

We all get up in the morning and we don’t remember our dreams, the more the time passes, more we forget about the dreams we just saw.

What if you can get control over your dreams, learn to dream whatever you want to and in fact do everything ( at least virtually) that you always wanted but couldn’t do/achieve for some reason. This method of getting control over what you see in your dreams is called Lucid dreaming.

Trust me, it’s awesome stuff. I always believed that only way of knowing something is real or not is to touch it, feel it, experience it with senses. Since I started lucid dreaming, I could dream everything the way I want, I create my own world, I could see things, touch them, feel them ..

I do know that I’m in a dream and nothing in there is real so I got confronted with the fact that seeing might not always be believing.

Let’s not discuss more about it besides knowing that Lucid dreaming is simply the act of knowing that you are dreaming while you are dreaming.

Here’s how you do it. Now for some people this can work for first night of trying and for some, it can take bit more practice. Its all about how well you concentrate and practice.

First thing you wanna start doing is to practice doing your dream recall. Every morning you get up, try recalling your dream as clearly as you can.

While you get onto your bed, let your whole back touch the bed and let your body relax. You got to find the spot when you are just about to go to sleep …

Place your hands or at least one of the hands on a flat surface or on your bed. It is important that your fingers are relaxed and are not bent.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are playing piano with your fingers, you shouldn’t be doing any other movement but very slightly move your fingers up and down as if you are playing the piano with them.

You don’t want to move them quick, do it super slightly. Just press your fingers down, lift some of them up and press them down and lift them up.

Keep doing these very slight movements till it is less and less noticeable. So in the end, you should almost be doing it pretty much almost invisibly, so much that you stop moving your fingers and still be able to feel like you are playing the piano and your fingers are indeed moving.

I’m glad you asked … how the hell can this give me control over my dreams? Here’s how :

When you fingers move, that super tiny movement stimulates that part of your brain that keeps you mind awake but your body asleep and that’s when you start Lucid dreaming.

So you wanna continue imagining playing piano until you enter into the dreaming state. Now you might not feel anything completely different or anything changed, it’s just that you will auto start with some scene that looks just like you living in the world. But that’s a dream.

Once you keep doing these finger movement and you keep your mind awake, you right away sleep into this dreaming state without you even knowing it.

And this is the very reason the next step is very important.

After about some time, may be 30 seconds or so, when you are sure that you are in a dream, you want to perform a reality check. Because once you start Lucid dreaming, its important that you don’t loose touch with real world.

It should be very non distractive, because if you move and try to do a reality check, you might disturb your dream and wake up from it.

So do some simple reality checks like try to bite your tongue a bit and see if you feel pain there, or just lift your finger up and try counting them just be looking. It just makes you sure that you are dreaming and not in real world.

A dream where everything is as you like and you can do whatever you want. The more you practice it, the better it gets.

I know you’re gonna ask, why would I do that, I’m good with my current life.

Good. Then you might not want to do it. Lucid dreaming is for those, who want to explore life, those who are open to loving life than living it. It’s for the enthusiasts keen to fulfil their dreams. Lucid dream helps to know you and your subconscious more.

Well I’m not sure but think of living your better life in your dreams, practicing all the skills that you always wanted or even curing your mental instability…who knows !

I just love exploring things in my dreams, as If I own all of it, every piece of it is made just for me and I can be as I always wanted…

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