Oh Samsung! Please don’t.🤐

Note: I’m not an Apple fan boy, neither I’m one of the haters of the apple.

In the latest iPhone 12 press conference, Apple announced that their new devices will not ship with the free chargers & earphones in the box.

Apple said it’s all about reducing carbon emission but in my opinion, this move was taken to reduce manufacturing costs and improve the profit margin. Android OEM’s such as Samsung and Xiaomi mocked apple for this, saying in one of their social media post that ,

Your #Galaxy does give you what you are looking for. From the most basic as a charger, to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even 120Hz screen on a smartphone.

Latest leaks of upcoming Samsung S21 confirms that S21 will be shipped without any charger and headphones in the box and Xiaomi follows too…Samsung even went ahead and deleted the post that mocked Apple for not including charger in the box.

Xiaomi announced publicly that their upcoming MI11 will not ship with charger. Not only just Mi 11, all Xiaomi future phones will be sold without charger.

Come onnnn guys … Reallly !!!!!!

I mean if these companies are putting so much efforts on saving the environment then what about the phone itself? If you care so much about environmental impact of these accessories , why not provide extra 4-5 years of software upgrades and let phones last longer? Why don’t you guys put user replaceable batteries, user-friendly repairable designs and more !!!

NO! They won’t do that because that affects business. All these companies care about is money and all these environmental thing is just BS.

It just frustrates me to see all these major Android manufacturers following Apple ( or anyone for that matter) and taking decisions like these. Removing the chargers isn’t at all the way in my opinion.

Samsung, Xiaomi and all other OEMS, please stop making fool of yourself and your customer base.

What’s wrong with the mobile Industry… 😡

5 thoughts on “Oh Samsung! Please don’t.🤐

  1. Uniform/ universal charging tech and connector can solve this issue. We need different changers because each maker has their own charging tech DASH/WARP/VOOC/FLASH, and big apple ecosystem is having lightening connector. If every manufacturer gives same connector and one charging tech then no one needs a new charger with new phone.


    1. Very agreed! That’s why giants like Google & Samsung have recently started gaining control over their devices with their own chip.

      Android is too distributed to bring everything back under one umbrella. It’s not gonna happen anywhere soon.


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