It’s not what you think you have… People and Thoughts

The other night, I was sitting in my gallery, listening to one of the lectures on Machine learning and came across some “worth listening to” thoughts, thought of sharing one of them here.

There was a former defense secretary who was invited for speech at a big conference. He was standing on the stage with his cup of coffee in a plastic Styrofoam cup.

He took a sip of his coffee, smiled a bit, looked at his coffee and said, “you know! last year I gave speech here in the same conference. Last year, I was still a secretary”.

“So when I came last year here, they flew me in a business class, when I arrived, there was somebody waiting for me to pick me up, when I checked in my hotel, they right away took me to my room and the next day, they drove me to this same venue”.

“Just before my speech last year, they took me at the back, handed over me a cup of coffee in a ceramic cup”.

He says, I’m no longer a secretary, I flew here in regular coach, I took a taxi to my hotel, checked myself in, when I came down lobby, I took another taxi to this venue and when I came up, I went to that coffee machine and took this coffee in the Styrofoam cup.

He says, the lesson is, “The ceramic cup was never meant for me”. It was meant for the position I held. I deserved a Styrofoam cup.

Remember this …

As you gain fame, as you gain seniority, people will treat you better. They will hold doors open for you, They will get you a cup of coffee even without you asking, they will call you sir and mam … but none of that stuff is meant for you.

That stuff is meant for the position you hold. You will always deserve a Styrofoam cup. Remember that …

You can absolutely enjoy the perks but do know that they are not meant for you.

None of us deserve the perks we get, we all deserve a Styrofoam cup…

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