Can you really improve yourself? People and Thoughts

A young man says, “Why are you eating that fish?”

He says, “Well, because I love fish.”

Oh you love the fish, that’s why you took it out of the water, killed it and boiled it …

Don’t tell me you love the fish … you love yourself & just because fish tastes good, you killed it and boiled it…



I was sitting in my gallery last night, was thinking of something and my thought ended up with a strange vicious circle.

The question was, Can I really improve myself?

I mean think on this …

If I ask you, why are you here?, would it be too assumptive to say that you’re looking for help. You came here because you hoped that somebody, who has something to say, that would be of help and relevance to you …

This absolutely makes sense because you see … We are all self seeking, afraid of pain lacking in wisdom.

There is this urgent feeling that I must improve me …

Now in this question, can I improve me! No !!! Right ?

It can’t be that the person who is going to do the improvement is the one who needs to be improved. And immediately there we have a vicious circle.

so you got to meditate in such a way that you start seeing things clearly. You start by watching all your thoughts, watching your feelings, your sensations …

so that you start building up a way of separation between the watcher and what is being watched. So you no longer get carried away by your own consciousness.

Who is this self? Can you watch that one ?

How can I surrender my self when my self is precisely nothing but a thought, an urge to hold on to hold on to life.

you see the reason you want to be better is because you aren’t …

We aren’t better because we want to be …

If you say you want to improve, then you must know what is good for you. But obviously you don’t know that …

Because if you knew, you would already be improved !!!

So we don’t know …

this is nothing more than a mind over mind … isn’t it ?



I don’t know what to say next !!!

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