I simply couldn’t process it: people and thoughts


“kill it , kill it … throw some water. oops its moving … beat it”

I was woken up by these strange sounds by my ear …

I got up so quick as if they were beating me and went to the door. Neighbors throwing up some water on it …

I saw it all … and that whole picture was so disturbing that my brain literally couldn’t process the situation. And it was not because I was afraid but was because I was feeling bad for that dog.

That dog was very clean. May be it was pet dog, but just because it had corona or something( my guess, but it was definitely ill), his owner must have abandoned it.

It was wobbling all over and that illness had eaten him so much that it had lost its vision as well. It didn’t know why people were throwing water and how should it react.

My neighbors wanted it to go away because obviously they are humans, they have their children, what if that dog stays there for long and spreads corona…etc etc .. questions were endless.

I was looking at this all and I couldn’t understand how to react. It was one of those situations where your brain surrenders. I was feeling so bad for that dog, These guys should have understood that it can’t see, It can’t even stand up and still they were expecting it to stand up and go away …

And from humans side, staying that dog there for long wouldn’t at all be a good thing, it would have died there or may be would have spread corona who knows…

The way that dog was responding to those sticks, I was sure that it was definitely about to die…

Somehow it managed to go out of the society and people closed the gate.





I was still thinking of that dog and what would that stray dog be feeling?

Is it that people are terrible or we humans have learned to play Gods?

A world where a situation is so bad, how can private doctors and medicals charge almost double, triple for masks and sanitizers?

I know if I haven’t yet helped anyone, I’m no one to question this all …




I would have helped but ‘meri aukat nahi hei’ …

this loss of humanity is just unfair. Come-on, you can’t beat a stray dog just because it entered in your society and its ill. I understand it coming inside the gate has consequences but you could have guided it to go out …

I don’t know …

let me go please ..






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