Don’t burn me when I die … : People and Thoughts



Yesterday night, I wasn’t feeling well, I was feeling dizzy .. maybe I’m not drinking enough water …

I was sitting beside a wall … and a bug crawled by …

I killed it … I crushed it as hard as I can and as fast as I can…

I’m so cruel no!!!

No .. I’m not …




You know,

When I kill bugs in my house, I kill them swiftly … I kill them decisively.

so that they won’t feel any pain of dying… death would be instant.

I then pick them up and flush into the washroom. So If they are still alive, they will die quickly, rather than lying in the dustbin and suffer as less as possible.

I can’t pick them up and put them aside because then they will lie and freeze to death slowly,

and I can’t let them live, because then they will lay eggs and the hundred of babies, will crawl onto my face when I sleep …

This is how I want to die, so if you …God, if you are planning to take me up,


or you humans or you viruses..



if you are planning to murder me,


please kill me swiftly and decisively …


and then flush me somewhere .. don’t burn me…I’m afraid, I’ll suffer.






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