Remember, there is no You or I : People and Thoughts


Think of this …

“We, humans, are made to appreciate, to seek for things that please us, things that make us feel comfortable”.


We always choose the options that are positive, options that are less harmful to us.


and we make tons of those in a day … Honda or Hyundai, Tea or Coffee, Facebook or Instagram, this friend or that friend…



I was thinking of this and my thoughts took me to an unusual path. I like to think of both sides of coins before I stamp on my thoughts, I never think biased and trust me when I say this …


I was thinking of how always choosing positive in life makes you feel that life is beautiful…


No! don’t stop reading, this isn’t one of those boring articles telling you to be positive without being in your shoes…


Stop everything, sit back, lower down your reading speed and think of each and every line below.


lemme set up the discussion …

so when someone is upset at you, you say why are you so upset? There are two sets of explanations you can give to this question…

One is, you say, from my perspective, I didn’t do that intentionally. I thought it right at that moment and I did it …

and the other is, He/She who is upset at you say, No! you really should not have done that, it’s a completely wrong thing.



Now both of these are explanations, If we take both of you to a brain scan and scan your brains, all we will see is the responses of anger, tension or whatever it is .. the responses of brain scans are going to be roughly the same and then the question is, If both responses are same, “why is what you are feeling is different than him/her ?” …

Park this thought aside for now.

At the end of the day, brain scans will just tell you that person was upset, angry or sad. It can’t ever tell why !!! and the reason is, your consciousness is imaginary. Your brain has fooled you with the help of all these sensory organs to make you feel the feeling of you and this whole world around you …

The point here is, your sensors are just props to let you know that it was anger. the real reason, the psychological explanation to your anger is completely at the imaginative level…

Bottom-line !!!

Consciousness is knowable only by imagination.

See I was sitting in the room, alone, working at night and suddenly I hear footsteps approaching from the basement towards me. Will you be able to tell me how do I feel? You will say, yes you will freak out. I am talking about my mind. Will you be able to tell me how do I feel at that point? No ! right? Because you can’t really step into my shoes.

Functionally you can, you can put that situation in your head, imagine what would you have done .. but that’s not what we call “putting yourself into my shoes”, that’s you running that situation functionally inside your brain. That’s not gonna help you anything to know how would I feel at that point. Isn’t it? Because our sensors connect to the brain, the mind is all imagined thing by your brain.

We can’t understand what’s going on in someone else’s mental life.

You will then say, okay! we got you, but then how can I guess what my cutie pie is gonna say next? How can I guess things about others that usually turn out to be true?

If you consider your common sense understanding of the world, there’s just a lot of stuff that is common across us. You know that a chair will support your weight, you know that you can get through the door by pushing the handle, etc. You take these things for granted, you assume that doing these things is gonna work for sure. You assume that for yourself because you have experienced it, it works for you, others are human like you, it works for them too … things you can predict about others are the things that are very explicit to human behaviors.


The only thing that could be concluded from all of this is that

“Your mind is imagined, there is no You or I, the ones we feel is the complete mechanical system activated by transducers.”

and that’s exactly why Thomas Nigel said, “Eventually I believe, current attempt to understand the mind by analogy with man-made computers that can perform tasks as conscious beings will be recognized as a gigantic waste of time”.


Think about this …








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