What is your life made up of ? People and Thoughts


If it’s night time, you are on your bed and you are trying to sleep .. it’s best time to really dive deep and think on this topic much seriously…

BTW, do you know that you get more emotional or you think more at night than you think of something in a day ! That’s one of the reasons I’m saying that it makes sense to read this article at night …

Anyways.. it’s your choice… as long as you don’t think what I’m talking about here is bullshit ..




Sooo for time being, imagine that If you get some power to dream of any dream that you want to dream at night ..

A dream where this objective time of 6-8 hours of your sleep is 70 years in a dream …

So if you get that ability to dream anything you want .. what would you dream ?



Think about it …



In those 70 years you got to live there in dream…would you want to deeply connect with those you deeply cared for ?

would you reunite with old friends that are long gone ?

or may be that dream would be full of people you never though of getting close to …

the people you wanted to be with for the whole of your life, doing everything for them , doing everything for you and her ..

would you want to live the life you wanted to live with that person ?

May be …



So you would be able to reverse everything that you though was wrong with your life, you would have all the perks to marry the person you wanted to marry with ..you would have whatever castle you always wanted you two to have … whole world would be yours !!!

you would live it all with them … very happily !!!

May be it would be 90’s ( with no traditions of course) and you both would want to work in fields, growing vegetables of your choice …

and then may be you would want to be adventurous .. so you would be trekking on the highest possible mountains in your world ..

you would want to chill at your castle, sitting with your sweetheart …

this all would be going on …




and there would be a point when you will have to pack up all of it and wake up ..

you would say let’s not think of it ..but come-on, it gonna be there…

when you would have to return from this all .. return from this dream which you would never want to return from…

Can you feel your breath ? the one that slowed down instantly !!!

cache this feeling …

What if you are old enough to die in upcoming years … a day later you die .. and it turns out that you were in a dream .. you wake up somewhere else !!!

can you think of this ?

This thing just pisses me off … what if you die right now and wake up somewhere else ..and its 18th century going on there .. with people you never saw !!!

can you feel the feeling of being at your death bed, knowing that you are gonna sleep to never wake up !!! All your existence will be gone … there would be no you after that !!!

can you feel this ?

how would it feel to sleep to never wake up …

Oh mann !! does this mean that all my life till this very moment is a dream ?

a dream where nothing matters … because eventually its just a dream !!!

a dream where everything that seems to be ours is to know that its nottttt !!!

where it doesn’t matter if you are a beggar or a professional … if you own Honda or Hyundai .. if you eat or not !!!

Stop thinking, look at those doors, look at the person laughing besides you … is there any chance to deny that this all is fake !!! its unreal ?

he laughed because thats what been written in the story .. he was supposed to laugh !! It’s a part of his narrative …

uh ! why am I hitting keys on my keyboard right now? is it a part of script ?




I really need to get up right now and have some coffee …

Noooooooooooo ! I won’t have it .. was I supposed to have coffee?

or was I supposed to say “Noooooooooooooooooo” …



I’m still writing article …

Stoppppppppppppppppppppppppp …






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