Why you should not dream ….

Read slowly … as if any background music is playing with every line you read …Go !!!





Do you dream ?

Dreammmmm !!! you go home and dream…. you got to find out the future you are working for …

sometimes you got to close your eyes and really envision that piece of your life …




Look at me … yes youuuu .. look at me …

If you close your eyes right now, what do you think you picture years from now ?

like I said, doesn’t need to understand that …

How would your future fairy-tale unfold?

will you finally connect with those you deeply care for?

Will you reunite with the old friends long gone?

See the ones you loved find true happiness …

May be this future includes people you never thought of getting close to,

even meet with the people you have been unfairly wrong …

a future that’s not so lonely …

a future filled with friends and family …

you would even be there…

a world that you always wanted …

and you know what … it’s still is just a dream !!! and that sucks …



If you want your future, go and work for it now … don’t just dream of it …




and that’s why …I never dream !!!

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