I had a dream …



I had a dream..

A dream in which I was tied to the tree and was being beaten up like anything for no reason. I had no expressions on my face. I was just looking at those devils.

and that brought me to this thought…



What if death is just about lying endlessly into sleep paralysis !!!

Of course not  body but your soul lying into sleep paralysis and your vision not limited to anything !!!

Filled with partial view of monsters on the doors and with the shadows of demons in the hall cackling like anything…

A vision that lets you watch every single truth of your life, an unfinished laundry, an un-watched episode and a novel you have been reading …

What if the way you are trying hard to breath but you can’t because your soul has been doing that since years but now you can’t, because you are dead …

What if those demons, monsters are coming close and you are struggling to let make them feel that you are alive because, you know you aren’t …

can you feel the suffocation of your soul seeing your children aging in front of you ? you see all the life in motion but you can’t do anything, you can’t do anything because you are dead … you can jut see now, you can’t act…

All in a while, you blur between here and there,

you flicker between life and truths …

revealing facts about all that you have been told throughout your life …




A place where your eyes open but you see only lies …

you wanna scream but you can’t ..because you are dead …




Huh ! I’m sorry, I need some coffee …




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