I mean Really ? Don’t say yes …


I was looking out from the gallery of our office, I saw group of people going by, a butterfly flying around, a spyder weaving its net quietly near me ….Everything went blurred and my thoughts occupied all of my mind …

Thoughts of that child playing on the terrace in one of the buildings. He was trying to build something with a piece of clay, he was breaking it, recreating everything, again something broke and he destroyed it all and started building it again …

It was all as if his brain was trapped into some infinite loop, he didn’t seem to be worrying about anything around him, as if all his attention was just drawn into what he was building …

You know, sometimes I look at such recurring events and I strongly question about my existence.

Don’t be bored but think for a while…

are we real ?

Is this world a simulation? A simulation just like our Virtual Reality headsets? Where everything you see is unreal ?…

Or is that there’s some other universe that contains some computer which runs our universe ?

Or is it that other people does not exist. It just has you as an observer and everything else is a deception ?

What’s going on ?

Is it really that our reality is nothing more than a computer generated simulation ?

May be the Aliens are not here because we are into these auto programs. ..

It’s quite a hard truth to swallow. Aren’t we fully and consciously capable of making our own decisions all this time?

When I look back, I do see instances when I was not able to attribute the big turn in my life to a specific reason. How did I get into my current company? Why did I begin to write? Why did I just look at you ? Everything is still a question mark.

I mean look at yourself, what are you doing right now? consider smallest movement of your’s… You flicked your eyes, you turned left, you looked at someone, your hands doing something, your computer running some code, a person going by… Why is this happening?

Are we really mad to believe that all these movements are our own decisions?

Rheallly ?

Sure, various series of events might have led us to do what we did. But often, the cause is very subtle. It started with a spark, then a poke. And all of sudden the emotion magnifies, we go with the flow and carry out the action.


are those abstruse moments set and controlled by my simulators?

Maybe !!!

Or is it that we simply have a terrible memory…




Oh ! I don’t wanna think more on this …

Wait !



Why am I writing this at first place ? and why are you reading this for that matter?


was it all pre-programmed ?





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