Box of comfort…

You all might have heard this composite word ‘Comfort Zone’ a lot of time. Most of us usually do all the hard work to create that arena. There commonly exists two types of zones that are actually very congenial. Some people do plan for this..for ex..We would like to have a 9 to 5 job, 2 BHK rented or own house, bunch of friends nearby, food for two times that too lentils and chapati would be fine. If they have reached at that stage of life, they would just like to be over there, feel satisfied and enjoy rest of their lives in the very same state….

On the contrary, there are some people who eventually discover their comfort zone…for ex…working for very long time with same bunch of people..staying at same place with same roommates somehow let them feel warm and pleasant. It provides them immense pleasure to ride that cycle of life until and unless…they are being pushed so hard or forced or get hurt from that part of life….

See its not bad to be happy and satisfied. Everyone wants to have a soothing, smooth and comfortable life.
These people might not even have realized their invention but they feel very annoying or uncomfortable whenever they are put at a different place or with different chunk of people. Gradually they feel like that is the place we would like to spent rest of our life and those are our people. And this feeling would hit them when they would have left that zone. You know it would be like “Importance of things or person recognized when it is no more with you”… sad but a bitter truth…

Was just sitting and thinking where is my comfort zone? I actually want both type of comforts but as usual with some twists…you know like udana bhi h…dodna bhi h…chalna bhi h but girna nh h :-p, providing you the subtitles “Would love to walk, run, chase, fly but not fall”. I would like to have planned discoverable comfort zone for myself. I know it sounds crazy, people would say you are very confusing but actually that is not the case…but its me..always different…

Let me put some highlight on my statement…its similar to having agenda in your presentation…like you have make few bullet points…but you might explain or spend more time on some points or might skip rest saying irrelevant for that point of time. I have an imaginary comfort zone for myself but I also believe in upgrading it time to time completing few of the high priority requirements and skipping few. Life keeps on changing so as my comforts and its very hard for me to settle at a particular state. I recently became part of one plus community which promotes on tagline “Never Settle”…

Okay…I never had intention to brag about it but used it to tell you that being comfortable is not harmful but sometimes to face the change is more joyful. I never dreamed or even thought of buying a phone which would worth more than 10 k as it can fulfill all the basic needs of a mobile but I extended my limit..and I am very happy with the experience…

Its not a problem if you are taking some calculated risks. Exploring yourself coming out of that box is very interesting. You will come to know many hidden facts about yourselves. You will learn to handle different situations, people and how to be calm and composed in the saddest moments. You would be amazed by your own capabilities in training your mind which would not have been possible living in your comfort.

You could also break, initially you would feel like killing yourself for doing that but give it some time and you will feel better expanding your horizons. You know it would feel like you have conquered at least one of your fear…no matter the achievement is big or small but breaking that wall might make you happy. There are chances you might end up at a place where you would not belong but you would get many lessons how to survive in such situations…

Life is not at all predictable, there gonna be many more surprises than you would ever expect or think, its better to sometimes get prepared rather than facing turns and then learning how to deal with that. I know everyone is not a fan of change or challenges in their lives but sometimes that is the necessity your mind might be craving for….

Moral of the story is ‘Try and come out of your small boxes of comfort, be positive and lead your life …you only get a life to live… you never know…you might end up at more beautiful place…because all the magic happens when you come out that comfy place.”

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