This is why your life doesn’t work your way …people and thoughts


Note: Don’t want to be rude but this article really needs your true concentration to understand. If you are into something already, it’s okay if you don’t read it right now. But when you do, please be here understanding every single word. Take time to understand and think…

So here’s the thing. Science has proved that there are two parts of your brain. A conscious mind and a sub-conscious mind.

A conscious mind is the one who makes you you …It’s a slowly operating processor operating roughly at 40 bits per second. It’s slow. It is creative, it can think.

A sub-conscious mind in other way is a fully habitual mind. It operates roughly at 40 million bits per second and it learns from the habits. This mind is not conscious. It just knows how to do certain things. It’s like a Cassette recorder. It has some pre-written programs and it can run those programs only.

This mind  is truly amazing… its fast …but !!!

But it’s totally habitual. it’s not creative and that’s the whole problem.

It’s been proved that 95% of your day is being run by your sub-conscious mind.

which means that you are really conscious for just 5% of your daily activities. for rest of 95%, you are on autopilot. ”

Now why is this relevant?

This is something that you should definitely know because what this all means , is that everyday you create only from your conscious mind 5% of what’s going on in your life. 95% of your daily life, comes from programming in your sub-conscious mind…

Your sub-conscious mind is nothing but a CD player. It doesn’t learn anything from it’s own. The only job it has is to run same programs again and again …

what this means is when you were being developed in the womb of your mother till first 7 years of your age, BTW that’s the age till which you are in a hypnosis state, you don’t have active consciousness..all the programs are being downloaded into your sub-unconscious mind as a part of your development.

can you understand this ?

The job of your sub-conscious mind is to create reality out of the programs.

The problem is, most of the day, we are thinking of the past, or future. That’s when your conscious mind works. When conscious mind is not paying attention to “right now” , its thinking of past and future … sub-conscious mind takes control of rest of the things. and you are driven into autopilot …

It has to be this way. You can’t stop in the middle while you are thinking ..right? sub-conscious mind takes control of your body during all your day and what this means that you are being run by the programs you have got and not by your creative conscious mind….

As your conscious mind is busy thinking, it can’t see the programs being run by sub-conscious mind. So most of everyday, you are not playing programs that you personally want, you run programs that you have got ..the programs that you have got during your development in the womb to first 7 years of your life. … the programs you have got from society, other people, the environment,,,

You don’t realize this because it’s on autopilot … and that’s why no matter how much positive you remain , life still doesn’t seem to be working by your way !!! It’s won’t work obviously …

So the bottom line is , “your life does not reflect what you want, it reflects the programs you were given !!!”




Really ? I mean is life so complicated ?

Now I understand why positive thinking doesn’t seem to be working …We keep sabotaging our own sub-conscious mind with your so called positive thinking, saying I’ll not do this, I’ll not eat this , this is good , this is bad …

Do you think there’s really is anyone listening to you in your sub-conscious mind? NOooooo! Your sub-conscious mind is a CD player. It has no one in there to listen to you. It just knows to learn from habits, it knows to run pre-programmed programs…

That’s why our wishes, our desires are still incomplete…!!!

Are you getting the issue here ? you getting the seriousness on our wrong behavior?

We are living our lives totally wrongly !!!!!!

Well now the trouble two is , you can’t run your life on your conscious mind. It operates at 40 bits per second …you will have to be on autopilot !!!!!

Now you see the problems ? Life is not easy ..heehe

No ! that’s not the case … there’s a way out of this.

The way out is to use your conscious mind to erase programs in your sub-conscious mind to rewrite your mindset …

Yes! you heard it right … do you do that ?

Here’s how it could be done ! Let me have an example .

I bet, most of you would have an experience, a time with one the special person in your life… a person that changed you as a person, a person who changed your vision towards life. …

You fell in love with that person, you were happiest even before the day you met them, It’s called honeymoon period. …

Hold this for a minute and answer me, “Why was your life beautiful with that person ?”

The day before you met this person , how long did you take to get ready? – definitely more than an what you usually take right ?

How long did it took you to take your dinner together? – definitely more than what you usually take. You chose right fork and the right spoon, you didn’t talk with the food in your mouth …right ?

What was different that day than before? How could it be that a day or two before you met that person, your life was regular or may be worse and suddenly you met that person and this earth became heaven !!!!!

You watched yourself. You didn’t let the automatic program play. You were consciously controlling everything …

Just be conscious and don’t play the tape.

There’s other way to change this …You do it a sub-conscious way ..

what do I mean by that ? What I mean is , your sub-conscious mind is a habitual mind. You practice and practice and practice it and eventually learn how to do it …

Third way of dealing with this is, I don’t know if I would recommend but you can sleep with headphones with programs that you want and just before you actually go to sleep, when your conscious mind disconnects, the programs you feed through headsets, get downloaded directly into the sub-conscious mind…

Again, bottom line, “Stop running yourself into Autopilot !!! Be conscious all the time.”




Oh mannn ! this fundamental issue jams my head ..let me have some coffee ..I don’t wanna write anymore on this …




2 thoughts on “This is why your life doesn’t work your way …people and thoughts

  1. I really loved it…specially ‘Autopilot’ mode… I might have already been programmed to like whatever you write… Oh Gosh! Now I will have to practice more to use my conscious conscience… :-p
    P.S… It is really mind blowing


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