Thank you…Well done ..Good Job..!!

These are mere words but they leave a very high impact on the person spending time, efforts and skills in completing those tasks. Appreciation and acknowledgement are highly under rated in IT industry therefore there is a need to set it as a practice to put proper salutation and part of management training to let higher authorities know that they are expected to do so.

We all respect our leaders, here I will go in perspective of a manager. I know when we join as a fresher in any IT industry we come with a clean slate. We don’t have any experience about goals, milestones, user-stories, tasks, bugs, tickets to work upon. Its our leaders or mentors who make us learn how to work and accomplish every task in best ever possible way by providing proper guidance. 

They nurture our mindsets and lead in proper direction in order to make us capable enough of handling such work and pressure by ourselves. Everyone is not lucky enough to get such kind of mentors in their life but for a change this time my experience was little different. How bad of bad luck right ?

I really got opportunity to work under the guidance of great leaders or best ever mentors one can get. I am really thankful to them to make me the type of personality I am today, for bringing in that right amount of confidence, to make me familiar with the technology I was working upon, to teach me the “Professionalism” of this industry and I am not kidding guys.

Wait wait wait…everything was not like that rosy how it sounds, there were many ups and down and speed breakers in my life going through this lane as well but there were mentors who were unknowingly helping me to learn cross each one of these hurdles in my life. Eventually everything seemed better…

I read a quote that really touched my heart and I could not resist myself and write about these people who really played a vital role in building foundation of myprofessional life. First let me share the quote:

“Great mentors, I’ve realized, don’t tell you what to do; they find ways to bring out the best in you. They provide sparks of insight, even brilliance, derived from the messy context of their life. They place the insight on the table, not down the throat.”

Nice no..!! I was really overwhelmed with the sweetest ever gesture received from them. I know that people get hired and are paid to work. But how is it harmful if they get the right appreciation at times in front of right audience. It would really make them feel better and would enhance the respect and you might leave a mark in person’s life as my mentors did. 

I really wanted to mention each one of their names but that would not concern anyone but me and them so I would make sure to personally share this post with all the respectful leaders who never hesitated to appreciate or acknowledge the efforts that I put in my work. 

It’s because of them I could work individually, responsibly because they assigned the right task as per my skillset or task that could actually add value to my working profile. They were not dictators as if they said you will have to do the work in this manner, rather they understood and respected my opinion, liking and disliking and allowed me to work comfortably. There were struggles but at last happiness would only come out of that struggle along with superb learning for lifetime. 

Thank you so much for helping me to differentiate between a good and not so good leaders (might be just for me :-p) as well…!!

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