Confusion or Clarity ..!

Aloha amigos..!! Here I am back but this time not in mood to curse society for its deeds but just with single question in my mind..which is actually a rare case scenario because I am known for keeping multiple thoughts in my mind at a time… OK lets focus on million dollar question…”What would you prefer in your life: ‘Mystery’ OR ‘History’?”

I should let you guys know …Why am i asking this question at the very first place…I was just watching some random video in which friends were discussing to dig down each and every possible detail of a girl before dating her and one or two people were supporting to know the person better with each passing second… sounds romantic right..!! Yeahhh ..:-) or Nahhh …:-(

You know what..actually I also think about these things a lot lately how I wanna proceed with my life…by concentrating on history of my life or just enjoying the mystery coming forward to resolve…

Mystery really sounds quite interesting and fun filled with lots of puzzles, random issues, spontaneous corrections, heart beats at its peak and depth at the same time…We are always attracted towards the roller coaster rides even in our thoughts, that thrill is kind of attractive…

We usually comes under influence of those things which we already know in our mind are not meant for us and it happens generally and frequently …when ever you are up for all the randomness in your life…

You know there is always plus one with everything happening around you…you always learn something or the other thing if you believe in mystery like you learn from your own experience and deeds…every move of yours will decide where you are gonna end so its completely you decoding all the problems..debugging and finally executing your life successfully as a developer, architect and manager… instantly getting promoted right :-p …Yeayyyy

On the contrary when you believe in history there are lots of experience to learn would already be having idea what and what not could happen…there will be bunch of people ..doesn’t matter you like or not..but you would be observing their lives..learning lessons from their lives and implementing the most positively evaluated results to your life to make it to be called as perfect and ideal… 

You would even be evaluating your own life too…scrapping all the pages from the childhood …long ago that you can remember and planning and sorting your life so that you would not come across the weirdest possible moment in your life again… and would take all the pre-calculated and predefined steps ahead based on your speculation to not get hurt or to achieve the goal that you might have defined for yourself…

Most of the times it is really required to pull out all the details related to it and then take a decision combining each small block turning to a big picture as jigsaw …irrespective it will be a big or small thing in your life, the impact is what really matters right….I know everyone have their own theories and algorithm for their lives so as mine…

I could never live like regular… I could not withstand thought of being with single ideology all of my life so i would really love to have mash up of history and mystery. I love planning and executing things as per plan but I also love and enjoy random decisions sometimes more than planned ones so it is really difficult to say which is better or even compare pro or cons which i have been lately doing for most of the technical stuffs…geeky right …!
But I would recommend you to enjoy each of those experiences in your life because surely you would just get one as life being you like this …I am not sure about life in hell or heaven neither another lives but please try and cash out this one as much as you can… always put on your prettiest with your loved one because “Zindagi actually na milegi dobara…” (Subtitles – You won’t actually get another life)…

Make this life of yours legendary and always do follow your dreams resolving all these mysteries along with little bit using history :-p

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