Journey…that might define you..!!

Everyone over here is more or less fond of travelling.. With enormous progress, we have different ‘Modes of Transportation’ as we studied in our school books. Whenever we travel, we meet new bunch of people, interact with barely known but unknown human species….

Intensity of interaction differs with different mode of commute and according to me its highest whenever you travel by train. Recently I had a similar but dissimilar experience. Along with a world growing at supersonic speed a lot of things keep on changing, so as the thinking and mentality of people travelling along with you…

In my recent journeys I was comparing feeling of travelling in general compartment to a reserved one (either AC or non-AC). We all can never forget those aunties cum Sherlock who were all busy in digging out the minutest information possible about all the people present around them….

Certain uncle and aunties busy in updating their near and dear ones of each station they are passing by. Kids..!! how I dare to forget, busy in playing between lower and upper berths, hanging like monkeys.. crying.. singing.. dancing.. and their desire to have everything to eat from every passing salesman….

They find everything attractive during journey which they might not be even seeing at home. Some people deep dived in their novels, phones or laptops to pass time of journey and avoiding unwanted chit chat like me 😛

Previously when we used to travel, people were honest, true, inoffensive, and kind of good relations used to get build in such short period of time. One could play cards with random people.. share the food brought from home.. kind of used to get a small family for the journey.

Now a days things don’t seem to be same. People are busy in their own life, burdened up with hell lot of tensions, not at all interested in interacting with strangers because you never know how would it turn into.

I also prefer to have less interactive and safe travel if I am travelling alone. Many things happens within that much amount of time during travel that leaves its impressions in your brain.

I would just like to mention an incident from my last travel. When I entered my compartment there was a very sweet and innocent girl sitting on the window seat and a family who have already occupied all the three seats in front of us consisting of a husband and wife, and their PUB-G playing child….

Wife was one of the most typical creature asking all the information about that girl including her name, father’s name, place of birth, blood group, Adhaar card no and what not..

Husband was most silent yet helpful creature I have ever seen and that little boy not at all interested in whatever was going around not even wondering if ours or the train nearby has started which was one of the most interesting task for me to do in my childhood while travelling.

I settled at the berth and answered the only obvious questions I liked to answer to latest born Sherlock in my compartment and then took out my ear phones and novel and behaved being indulged deep in my music for almost all the time I was awake to avoid any more questions.

But meanwhile I heard a very interesting conversation between an aunt with TC who was requesting him to swap her berth since she is having issues in sleeping on any berth other than lower berth.

That particular needy aunt was travelling with her daughter, grown up enough, as I could see. She was asking every other person in compartment to help but her own daughter.

Everyone was very supportive and helpful asking all the bachelors travelling in the train to switch or swap because the young generation in India can’t opt for their comfort or liking, they are just to obey and help all the needy people they see.

That aunt finally arrived in my compartment asking for help and I denied as I was out of criteria to fulfill her requirement of getting lower berth but that sweet, innocent girl who was also injured a bit was having lower berth.. so aunt started crying in front of her to have that lower berth.

That girl very respectfully explained that she is having lot of pain and there were already adjustments because of a family travelling in our bogie so she could not adjust anywhere else but there.

Seeing her humble and logical explanation.. one or other uncle got angrily excited for no reason and started shouting “Generation these days don’t even try to understand the pain of their elder ones, highly irresponsible and selfish people. Don’t know what they eat, what they wear, what they think of themselves and blah..!! blah..!! blah..!!

I was quietly seeing all of this crap for very long time but my tolerance almost got over when that girl broke into tears while trying to stand and those very matured and highly responsible generation failed to even have a look at that.

My Inner Alia from ‘Love you Zindagi’ just got raised who wanted to yell at those people and tell them that you people are only ones who have raised today’s generation who are responsible enough to book their own tickets as per their need, paying enough to deserve a comfortable journey.

You could also have asked your daughter to book seat for you as per your comfortability when you are having such huge issues with yourself and have booked the tickets four months ago.

How can you expect or rather force somebody already facing issues to further compromise for you. But in front of all those very intelligent people I could just manage to say have my seat to that suffering girl and I will adjust on upper. Whole compartment got shuffled(Just bachelors to be specific, families remained constant) and dealt with the travel.

I don’t understand why people just expect young guns to adjust or understand, they also deserve the kind of travel they have planned and payed for.

They are also going to cover the same amount of distance in same amount of time. They might also be having N number of matters and issues going on in their lives, their mind could also not be at peace. Why equality doesn’t come into picture in such scenarios.

I really feel everyone should consider individual’s need irrespective of just highlighting single factor of AGE. Comfort should be individual’s choice, not forced one. It is not about disrespecting anyone or being arrogant, it is just our right as well to live and travel.

I know everyone would not agree with what I feel or think about the situation, there could be a 180° totally opposite view to look at it but it is something that really left a scar in my mind.

Always love to share my thoughts with you people just let me know how you feel about it too..

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