Self in the mirror ….

Man looking at reflection in window

How are you ?

Its been long since you haven’t talked to me ..isn’t it ?

If you are gonna say , “I’m fine” then leave it …

Do you have any honesty left ? or you have lost all of it ?

“I’m fine !!!”… why are you living with this absolute lie?



NO! it’s not like that …actually you are angry on me …

you are angry on left side of me who says do this, do that and you are angry on my right side which constantly makes me think of all things in life …but there are people who belong to both side of mine…and you love those no ?

I always keep thinking why those people which you love aren’t mine ? I keep finding my mistakes in my own relationships with those people …what do you think what should one do when you get penalty of mistake that aren’t yours ?

You don’t need sympathy, you don’t want tears ..and this love doesn’t decrease !!! I believe to keep hopes in my dreams ..dreams of being with my people who aren’t really mine …

Isn’t it amazing that I’m perfect for people but not for myself …

what happened ?



Nothing ! I’m just listening …we are talking after so long no ? So I’m just listening..

I know you you have so many things to say to me every time .. but you don’t say those …you tongue just stops working no ? Apart from being with people you love ( moments with them have always been great ) , do you ever remember when was the last time you smiled ?

NO! It seems like your smile has become tornado for other faces…from far away you’re like a a rock full of sentiments…

Why don’t you cry? you haven’t cried since long …what kind of obligation is this that won’t even let you break from inside ?



It’s Bizarre, I’m even talking to me in stories … !!! looks like I have lost my mind ..let me try ..this time I’ll tell you everything …




Mukesh chal , khana kha le … let’s go !!!



You see, our chat is again incomplete …Will start from the scratch once I come back…and will complete this time !!! I promise .


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