Are we really grown ups…?

Privacy …just a mere word but keeps huge amount of significance for those who understand it. Recently I came to know about an incident and that was shocking as hell…seriously I was not able to get out of it just thinking about how that person might have felt who has experienced it. In the so called 21st century there still exists people in our generation who do not understand meaning of privacy…. Okay…let me clarify why am I stating it like that…

There used to be four girls living in a flat out of which one was in a committed relationship…now just one question does it matter if that would have been a boy or girl? For me …Not at all although she was in a relationship with a guy… She had crossed legal age of taking decisions for herself, was standing on her own feet and might be doing great as well. But still our lovely forever judging society …how can they let it happen…how can a girl freely live in this society of so much matured people who know good and bad for everyone. One of her own roommate scripted and directed a huge scene on the same.

She gathered her own parent(thankfully not of the girl in relationship), guards, maintenance officer and bunch of not so important people, who were no where related to that girl and who wouldn’t even bother if that girl might die some day… to let that girl know what shall she do with her life because people… its the society in which we are living in. Those people out of their so important busy lives came there to humiliate that girl who did what..! Just decided to spend time with a person who could make her feel happy..!! Why is it so wrong for people to consider a boy and a girl to be together. I understand that it is not comfortable for you guys to see someone happy specially when she is a girl. She is born to carry load of everyone’s feeling, take care of each atom on this planet, get hurt multiple times but never ever drop down a tear and pay respect to everyone known or unknown and take care of their wishes and smiles. We know that ….from the childhood itself we are reminded several times of the same thing “Dusro k ghar jakr naak mat katwana”, “Kese khayl rkhoge sasural valo ka” etc etc…

What was her mistake? …exactly for which people blamed her that she is definitely doing something very bad since she is bringing the same guy at her place. Even if they are going to gym to follow a healthy lifestyle, going office together, guy leaving the place at night but still everybody concluded that they are doing something very bad inside the room which they are not supposed to do as per them. Why do you guys care what they are doing and what not? Does she or he came and asked you …what you guys were doing in your life. Even if they are together or taking certain decisions for their lives whats wrong with that till the time she is taking care of herself. She is seriously grown enough to take decisions for herself so let her decide what she wants to do with that …let her learn lessons even by hard ways.

I seriously don’t understand one thing…if you guys decide to leave a girl with complete stranger with whom she got opportunity to meet twice or thrice or could talk for 3-4 months when the guy would definitely put best of himself in front… that …that is what is right for her because you know for sure that is the best thing to do in her life and now since you have taken this decision in her life she will have to drive with it and carry its burden till her death no matter what. But if she is with a person who she already knows is safe for her …takes care of her but since you people don’t think its right so you have right to intrude her privacy by any means and violate all her rights, question her, make her feel guilty and tag her as a very bad girl.

If I would have been at her place I would have actually legally sued those people..I know to say it is very easy but to actually put it into a plan is way difficult because your own family then would not stand with you but with society and you will be the stupid person carried away by your false decisions even if they are correct… There is just a small advice from my side …we really really need to grow up. Being modern is not just wear kurtas instead of sarees or wearing western clothes…it actually requires a change in your mind…mentality to respect life of each individual in the same way how you feel about yourself. How would that girl might have felt? Did anybody bothered to ask this question at lease once to themselves. How would you have felt if it was your life so take a pause think about it. Would you like to be judged by some strangers…? Would you like that interference in your personal life…? No right…because you think you always take right decisions for yourself. So as that girl…they could have just talked to her and sorted things out. But turning it into daily soap was not at all beneficial for anyone. I am highly disappointed with the way we are forced to drive our lives even by our parent, but being at their place I can understand they are under tremendous pressure of society. But with the people of our age its really shocking and heart breaking that they have also not grown up completely.

2 thoughts on “Are we really grown ups…?

  1. Most required change for our society.. I too feel sad by seeing people with such mentality of our generation.. Same next generation will receive from them.. 😔

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