Time actually flies …

Every single soul in this universe is different from each other but still there are few similarities. Each one of us has different goals and diverse range of mindsets to work upon them. But we all have that innermost inspiring energy of ours which pops out every now and then to remind plus encourage us for living our lives to the fullest and provide peace to ourselves by accomplishing those goals.

We all have our To do list, things we want to do before reaching 20 or 30 or before marrying or before dying. I am also big fan of listing down all the things that I want to do today or in coming days. I find it really helpful to keep proper track of whats done and what’s next to do,Β  deciding priorities, preparing myself for the kind of work required and to sneak peek breaks out of my busy but not so busy life.Β 

I was reading random blog and read a phrase ‘Time is a bitch’. It really made me to think about my life, my plans and my goals. Recently I have reached at that stage of my life where I feel this almost everyday. I really wanna do a lot of things but somewhere somehow always get stuck with things which are necessary to drive my life like work to earn my bread. In my to do list there are very simple and common tasks like spending a night on roof with coffee with my best friend who is getting married soon in a month or visiting my friend who lives little far away, surprise him or visit all the places at least of the country where I am born or to create some personalized home decorations or to meet my near dear ones and do something really special for them. And I really really want to do all of these things.

I don’t dream of building villa for myself it won’t hurt though to possess one but I am struggling hell lot to get time out of my not so important life to complete even such small dreams of mine. When did I got so busy that I forgot about what I actually wanted to do. Why the hell life is always like a puzzle? Why can it be not little simple and self explanatory. Why Can I not manage balance between my needs and wants !!

As a dedicated analyst I started collecting data out of my life to speculate the answers for all of the questions mentioned above. I figured out most of my time is actually consumed in solving all the complications in my life arising out of nowhere. Thinking about where I actually am and where I actually wanted to be. Would i be able to reach a place where I would be happy enough to survive. Would I be able to have all my near and dear ones close enough to share hikes and dips in my life. Would I get time out of my life where I could sit in my balcony to enjoy my coffee and novel freely. Would I be spending my life with the person responsible enough to respect and encourage my dreams. There are lot of questions with tons of expectations as its my own life.

Sometimes I feel like why is it so long, I would prefer to have shorter life. But then I realize there is so much left to do why can I not have 48 hours in a day. Sometimes my heart says leave everything and just enjoy what’s there in your hand in the present. Sometimes I feel like if I would not make proper efforts today then how would I have things that I want to have in future.

Ohhh gosh!! I really need a break.But in order to take a break you need to take leaves and I have also reached a stage that my request for leave increase BP of my boss πŸ˜€ Just kidding. I hope its not only me who feels like this but the same is case with almost everyone. Its like “You are getting matured” kind of thing but for me its actual deficiency of time in my life to enjoy myself.

6 thoughts on “Time actually flies …

  1. Nice. You are amazing writer. You wrote true facts which people usually never think and they only concentrate on their life questions instead of solving them.


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