Be the driver of your life…

During my entire life cycle till date, I just got the privilege to drive bicycle on my own. Otherwise there were always somebody or anybody who were always there to provide the pick up and drop facility (without any applicable charges :-p). You can take a minute and laugh as much as you want, I won’t mind, because trust me it sucks!Recently one of my friend, after my several requests, finally handed me over his vehicle to drive and YEAYYYY finally I drove on my own. Believe me it was one of the best moment of my life.

It was awesome to hold that power steering and lead the vehicle in the direction I wanted to. I know for majority of you, it is very common as you might be regular drivers but for some people like me it is a life changing experience, though I drove hardly for approx 2 K Ms in around 5-10 mins (Jerks, sudden stops, multiple restarts included). When I returned in the evening, I was sitting in my balcony and thinking about it, there were few strings that got connected to this experience.

Usually in India, youngsters are not considered matured enough to take decisions on their own even if those are related to their own lives. You will come across this lane again and again, especially when you are a girl. No body will be ready to hand you over the steering of your own life even when you are adult enough to differentiate between right and wrong. Many a times you would really be willing to go North because you are very sure that you would love it there, you will be really happy but you will be forced to go South based upon experience of your elder ones.

See, they are not wrong. If you step into their shoes you will realize that they are over protective and they don’t realize the fact that they are forcing you into something that is killing you from inside. They feel they are always right and they are not so strong to accept the fact that they can be wrong sometimes and their younger ones might be having logical valid point which is actually correct.

So the day when I was making decisions to lead my life through a car, in my desired directions, it actually gave an enormous amount of happiness to my heart and I don’t want to overcome that feeling plus I would like to experience that feeling every damn day of my life. I could meet accident, might get injured but that’s how I would learn to pass through the difficulties. Otherwise I would never be able to actually stand on my feet. I would always look back for my elder ones if they are always there to decide where and when should I move forward rather than deciding on my own.

Along with this, I just have one more request for all the respect worthy elder people, don’t just pretend that you are listening and you understand your younger ones, please make a real effort for them and genuinely help them decide what they want in their lives. You should be there to support them when they fall, they are seeking your help but not by hijacking the driver’s seat in their lives. (No Offence)
Hope everyone understands…

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