Whats wrong with your life ? : People and Thoughts


Dream that keeps you awake at night is the dream you should follow…right ?

No !

A dream without a plan and continuity of your involvement in achieving it is just a wish …it’s not a dream !!!

How many of you have those crazy dreams ? What is your dream?

You know, your parent want  you to be someone, a doctor, an engineer or someone, you join classes , you start studying …and with that, here’s the thing …

you struggle with that next math problem because every-time a new math problem comes in, you think of what your parents think …

As long as you are trapped by what your parents , this society will think, you will never get answers to the questions of life…

Our identity is made by what my parents think I should be, what this society, college, university thinks I should be and its not made up of what you want to be …

and I guarantee you, while you live in that bubble, getting to what you wanna do, is impossible…It simply doesn’t fit !!!

I’m sure so many people don’t feel that way…

Let me ask you, Do you have anyone at your home, may be your wife, your brother, your sister..who plays/sings really bad song too often? …and you go like aaah! Please don’t play that song again …turn that off and after a while you are ON it for so long, that you become immune to it like its just there …

and believe me, we all are trapped in the same noises ..those 100 different expectations from society, cast-ism … what’s this ? it’s all the same noise that we all are immune to it ..and it feels right !!!

One of my favorite quotes of Einstein, that says, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, that fish, for whole of its life is going to be believe that its stupid…” and thaaaaaaat’s exactly what we have been living our lives like …

I’m sure there are too many such fishes between us who are taught how to climb a tree and so many monkeys, that are taught how to swim and lions who are being taught to live like cats …!!!

and that’s the problem !!!





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