How to achieve your goals and be successful in life … : People and Thoughts


So every time I go for a walk , whenever I look outside, there’s this blind spot at the corner of my eye, that I always seem to be missing … a hunger !!! a hunger to learn more … a hunger to use  my time wisely !!!

That blind spot always reminds me that I’m not done yet. There’s lot many things yet to be learnt …lot many codes to be written …and I know, I’m completely aware of the fact that its a blind spot. It’s not real..It’s there to encourage me all the time to do something new, to learn something new every single day !!!

If you observe this world carefully, you will observe that there’ a fundamental difference between how successful people vs unsuccessful people think…

By think, I don’t mean think smart ..I’m not talking about IQ..I’m talking about how you think, how I think, how everyone thinks …

Every single time, this thought make me think that every single person on this earth has got exact 24 hours, 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds for a day and still few of us become successful while few of us can’t …? Why is it so?

You know, what I feel and it been my dream that I want to do something, I want to invent something, that people will love me forever…people will know me forever.. my name will be something that most of the people know about … I want to be very successful…!!!

My thought process says, if you want to fulfill life, you need to feel your life correctly ! Right now you need to focus on today and what I understand is that most of us don’t understand is all that it matters is today…this moment !!!

We estimate what we will do tomorrow, we exaggerate what we will did yesterday but we always always always underestimate what we can do right now …The only time you have NOW !!!

And with thatttt!!! All I have to ask you all and of course to myself as well is that “WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY NOW “?


I love this awesome quote that says, “Motivation is not a cause of action, it’s the by-product of action”. If I take motivation as cause of action, then I’m going to get motivated by someone but If I consider it as a by-product of my action, then I’ll start doing something .. and guess what, motivation will come up, hug you and everything starts feeling good, you’re glad to do it and what not !!!

Always remember this hard truth from me : “None of your dreams is going to come true unless you act on it “!!! and i’m saying it again …you can do goal setting with pencil but you have to reach your goal with your own legs ..its not gonna happen unless you get up and start walking will fail. That’s given will miss your path to the goal but that’s fine keep taking steps , keep taking steps , keep taking steps and there will be a day when you will reach out to your destination ..

and that’s the gap I’m talking about … the gap between “knowing” and  “doing”.  KNOWING is goal setting ….DOING is actually acting on it ..

Great people say that it takes 30 days for a habit to become habit ..once you start practicing stuff, after few days, it starts to become your perfection, it starts to become who you are …and that’s what leads you to success !

You absolutely need to understand this !!!!

You ask the person who first got at the top of the mountain, and somebody asking , “How did you do that “? and he/she says… “I absolutely have no just worked !!!”…

The reason they don’t know how they got there is because they walk all the way up-to mountain one step at a time, there was no one to life them up, there were no shortcuts, there was no one to motivate them ..nothing !!! They just acted on their present, their now moment ..they didn’t waste their time …it’s all their efforts that paid off !!!

There are lot of people who get inspired with the things but they don’t wanna do the hard work that’s needed to active it … I mean its not their mistake , people say, i don’t have time, I very busy …and that’s fine ..I understand that !!! But remember, this all is one side…If you wanna achieve something in life, you need to work more ! you need to keep your relieves aside, you need to find time … Take out half and hour out of your sleep if you are too busy in your day .. Don’t excuse !!! Don’t cheat with yourself ..

There’s plenty of time for those who wanna achieve their goals !!! We don;t have it ..Because we are one of those species who likes to go to bed for 10-12 hours a day !!!

You will start hating me I know ..but that’s fine ! I’ll accept that …because its a fact and you got to understand this ..!!!

So I don’t believe tomorrow. All that I believe is today. You roll up your sleeves, look at your goals, and dive in ..start working right now !!!

You will be amazed that once you start working, you will get inspired..don’t wait to get inspired before you do the work !!!


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