Life filled with uncertainty…people and thoughts


I was crossing a road, I’m in the middle of crossing it, suddenly a guy looses his mind and bumps his car right next to the divider I’m standing on …

I literally felt the death in-front of me …

This whole world, it is full of uncertainty. No algorithm, no human being  on the planet knows whats gonna happen next …

Uncertainty is change … we all know that !!!

and If we wanna grow as a human, if we wanna enrich our life, we need to accept the uncertainty in life …

Change is automatic … we have no control over it ..what we have control on is a progress! Progress is not automatic..

I mean if you and I know what the change is going to be, the progress is when we tell ourselves the truth, feel the uncertainty and be able to act on it ahead of time anyway..

If you see the great leaders that are incredibly successful, you will see that they have very clear picture of how much life is in their control and who much they are in control of life…

If you focus on what you can’t control, If you focus on path of life that’s not in your control, it will definitely bring you frustration ..

You focus on whats interesting in your life, you focus on little things that make you happy and that ..

that changes you a lot as a person !!! That changes your state …

You are made to thrive not survive !!!

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