This is what happens when a blind person suddenly gets eyes … : People and Thoughts

this is what happens when blind gets eyes suddenly people and thoughts

Few days/years back, It was tough surgery for doctors because they had to transplant cornea of a man, who lost his sight when he was 3 years old because of the small explosion.

For the first time, camera’s were there to witness the moment when that man was about to see the word for the first time in whole of his life.

Technically the transplant was successful! But once the doctor removed the bandage on his eyes, something strange started to happen.

The same man, who was able to walk when he was blind, was unable to walk after surgery. There was something wrong happening with his visual system.

Since childhood he hadn’t seen a single thing in the world , and now he was able to see everything. The normal walking seemed to be disturbing because as he was blind, his brain was no more that trained for walking with visual system turned on…

All of a sudden, turning ON all the visual system was overwhelming. His brain was really struggling to process the images from the eyes.

Worse thing was, his eyes, brain were not at all trained to remember the visual information, he couldn’t remember his children, wife..I mean it was like he knew them, he was able to describe them but visually he couldn’t remember how they look like.

In reality, although he had got eyes, he still couldn’t process the information and was worse than being blind. Because since childhood, his brain had been trained without visual system.

He had no face recognition, no depth sensing, no path planning, no color identification built into his brain.

Even when he learnt driving, his brain had no time to process the passing cars, traffic signals and fast trees going backwards…everything was just a mess for him.

For next 10 years, he pet a dog and used it to guide him for walking.  After few days, he was able to recognize colors, he was able to walk , perceive things, but he was struggling to identify distance between things … He has no depth sensing !!!

He still wasn’t able to read expressions on anyone’s face. He didn’t know how smile looks like, how sadness looks like…

What his story gives us is a glimpse of all the elements that has to be in place for the brain to construct a visual reality around us.

Our sense of touch influences how we see, sense of taste is affected by sense of smell, sense of sight informs how we hear…

The reality, the consciousness is not in this world ..its inside your brain .

Reality is your brains ultimate creation !













referred from : what is reality? The human brain. Howard Corley


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