Why it doesn’t work for you? : People and Thoughts


One of the fundamental things that most of the people don’t understand is that “If you want it great, it takes time !!!”

If you go to gym, you work out and … and you come home, look in the mirror …and you see nothing ! you see no change in yourselves..

The other day, you go to gym, you come back …. and you see nothing !!!

Right ?

So it means that there are no results of going to gym and you quit!

But if you believe that it’s the right action and you stick with it…it works !!!

You go to dentist twice a year and your teeth will still fall off !!!

Because it’s not the dentist but that brushing twice a day that makes your teeth stronger…

You have to brush your teeth everyday for few minutes.

What does brushing teeth everyday does ? ..It does seem doing nothing ..right ?

But you brush your teeth everyday ..and stick with that and eventually your teeth become stronger ..

It’s the consistency…going to gym for the whole day doesn’t get you into shape, doing it just for 20 minutes a day does …

So the problem is we want the feel of convenience without any inconvenience…

We don’t wait for things to happen..We want it right now. If it doesn’t show up, we quit !!!

She didn’t fall in love with you because you brought her flowers on her birthday ( just for that day).

she fell in love with you because when you woke up in the morning, you said her “Good morning” before doing anything else …

She fall in love with you because when you went to home and no matter how amazing your day was, and how bad her day was..you still listened to her bad day and didn’t say a single word about your amazing day !!!..that’s why she love you ..right ?

All such beautiful things … these thing’s doesn’t happen in a day! you have to work little but everyday over and over and over and over again to make it happen .. you need patience, if you want it great !!!

I love this quote by “Steve Jobs”…he says,

“If you haven’t found what you want to do yet, keep looking ..Never settle!”




You never know …Miracles happen everyday!







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