Controlled freaks …. people and thoughts


Along the life till now, I’ve learnt that there are going to be few things in life you have no control over..

I feel such things constantly… It has become part of my life . This thought that the only thing in this world you have control over is your own..this thought keeps me conscious.

conscious about my own life, my own problems and somehow it gives me a power to understand things more deeply than just expecting everything the way I want it to be ..

I understand that my life, my problems, my mental health is all that I have which is mine…everything else ..sadly isn’t truly mine… and you all need to understand this in life.

I encounter so much bullshit on a regular basis that I always have to tell myself, in truth, the only person whose behavior I can control is mine. “Don’t lose your cool, don’t stress over that situation you have no control over.”

surprisingly being this way hurts ..and it hurts a lot ..because everyone knows that we are those controlled freaks..

Better to accept situation in hand with this intention, with this thought and let everything go the way it wants to be …



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