Fear of nothing !!!


It was late night when she got up in between and noticed some disturbance around shrubs in the garden.

It was her again … a cat .

A cat running badly with all that fear of dying … because its that crazy evil dog who was eager to catch her …

It wasn’t long since this thing had woken her up from her deep sleep. She didn’t know why that dog was following a cat to catch her dead…

But tonight, it was something else about them which woke her up … It was about a week since that dog was trying to catch that cat … that thing ..catching that cat was somehow seemed to be the only aim of that dog, it was the only thing it wanted….

And now ?

It was the end of a fear … finally that dog caught the cat .. that cat was dead…

It was end of the story …

That dog spent almost whole of its life catching that cat and now, it was end of everything that dog wanted in his whole life. It didn’t know what to do now …




Isn’t it what we do in our lives? sticking to things in our lives and making them our closest ? so close that everything seems to be in vain after we achieve those or loose those …

We constantly follow the trends, follow others( so called ‘IDOLS’) forgetting what we want …

As we are growing up with the knowledge, we are making our lives worse ..

We are like that dog…going behind unnecessary things in life…

I don’t know what to say …

I see people raping girls, I see people going after money, I see people acting like robots, doing silly things, laughing over silly jokes …

I don’t know why I get such nightmares ..

Leave ..I don’t wanna think !




Bye !

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