Are you perfect? Does that even matter?

I was on the terrace last night, talking to my mom…and we see a couple gossiping louder enough that I was able to hear it from terrace. They were not gossiping, they were quarreling.

‘You did this, you did that, you are not ideal husband, you are not perfect’…

I heard these words and they made me to think …

” Are we really perfect? Is there anything as such that’s perfect? ”




You know, give a quick search about word perfection and it says, “Perfection is the action or process of improving something until it is faultless”.

See ‘everyone goes wrong in this world..who doesn’t go wrong ?’

In real life, have you ever seen a things that’s perfect? no!!!

We see ripped off plants, animals getting killed by one another, we see peoples lives, shelters breaking down because of storms, we see those crying faces behind everything ..

What is perfect in this world ?

Prince EA says it perfectly…There are two doors of life.

One, Be perfect, be admired,

and no 2, Be real, be loved …Don’t misunderstand relationships just because of certain things not happening your way.

because, you can’t give up on someone just because he/she or the situation is not perfect..ideal

I mean one would have cared if “leaning tower of PISA would be straight ..isn’t it ?”

We are designed to do mistakes, we are made to learn out of our mistakes … Don’t you ever search for perfection ..because no one will ever reach there..

Think of how much time it took for Henry ford to model that damm car to work …

How much time it took for Edison to invent the bulb …

Do you know what was Sony’s first ever product they made?

It cooked rice ..

yeah, you heard it right ..

and look what do they have today !!!

Have you ever thought of that ?



Don’t ever worry about always being first ..and doing it right ..

This is cycle of life …you make mistakes, you learn from them , get better without being mad and make your life better ..

Do you know that Japanese people have a tradition called “Kintsugi” where if anything at home breaks, instead of tossing those broken pieces in trash, they restore it, rejoin it with a lacquer that is mixed with gold or silver..

You know why do they do that?

Because they believe, those cracks is the way where light will always shine through to make that broken thing look beautiful …

No one is meant to be a perfect person with perfect looks, perfect make up, perfect skills, or perfect build ..

Because the truth is , perfection never exist..

The truth is …

“The real people aren’t perfect”



and “Perfect people aren’t real..”




  • credits : Prince Ea –


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