Why you should watch magic : People and Thoughts

How many times do you tell yourself that you want to be alone !! Let me ask you ..

If God or someone gives you that opportunity, will you be really able to be alone on earth ?

Let me tell you the truth …No matter who you are, we all are those controlled freaks who want all this world to work our way…and that’s where all these hurts, expectations, cries lies…

We are not worth the size and thickness of bubble on this earth. I don’t ever understand what there in life that makes us to be proud of ourselves?

Is it the degrees that we have ? our innovations? the codes we write 24×7? what’s that we are so proud of that we, every second of our life want others to behave the way we want ?

Why do we keep giving opinions about people and their behaviors?

There’s nothing we are doing which is special on earth ..mind it !!! Let it hurt you …that’s the truth ..

Have you ever seen magic shows ? I love them …I would suggest you should take a listen .

Why ? Have you ever wondered why magic is so awesome and so astonishing to see every single time?

You should think on this …why it surprises you every time !!!

We know magics are not real, there are some gimmicks going on .. but we still love to see those ..and that’s where solutions to your hurts, expectations, cries lies..

How ?

Magic itself is made to let us .. 7.6 Billions of us to know that we still have no clue how this universe works and we still don’t have control over anything that happens in the world at every second of the time …

what seems to be a control to us is nothing more than ruining the situation..

There’s nothing like invention … We have no control over anything ..and its better for you to accept this …

Because when you do … All these thoughts of hurts, expectations from others, vanish like anything.. because we know .. its just us who is under our own control ..everything else is just a scene…no matter whether you are there or not ..its not going to change even by a piece.

This thought gives you a power to fight with all the bullshit you have to face in a day …fighting people, road accidents, enormous work you have at office, people you hate …whatever it is !!! You become more tolerant .

Accept that you are no super power on earth that everything should happen the way you want ..

No one gives a shit.

You don’t like something ? change it ..or leave it or accept it …

I think magic makes you believe this more properly …

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