The unknown of life …People and thoughts

I see around … down the floor !

It’s all the broken pieces of mine somehow laid onto the ground. There’s this predominance of silence between pieces..They are simply lying down…

As I move ahead and try to gather what is left, I can see the light, the sky, the environment getting darker and darker …

I’m still wondering why those pieces are still lying on the ground ! worse is yet to come…
Would I be able to face myself? Would I be able to overcome?

I am still walking with the rhythm of the indecision, so loud the sound of the drums
It is time to look up and see what I have become…

It’s not an overnight change ..I know !!! I have been walking for days on this path full of sharp thorns…

I know … I know this silence is gonna get violated..I can hear that cry which pierce the sanity of silence…I can hear everything !!!

But I’m afraid…

I’m afraid, It’s the reminder of internal war …


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