You are looking beautiful …Sari vs Skirt : People and Thoughts

you are looking beautiful people and thoughts

I love being in my own thoughts. I like going deep into what I see, what I understand and what I perceive. My brain simply doesn’t discard usual things people discard.

I was looking out from the cab’s window, listening to the semi mute voice of air leaking through window and Outside, I see some girls alongside road. Almost all of them had expensive dresses, high hill sandals etc and one of them was standing out..Because she was poor. She was wearing simple dress with relatively less make up.

I noticed this and a quick very raw thought tapped my brain..”Which one of these is beautiful? One in those expensive dress or one in simple dress. What does beauty mean? and what defines beauty ? “.

I think what people usually confuse about is the real-true meaning that person implies when he says, “You are beautiful !”.

I don’t mean this but what I have been observing is that meaning of the word beauty is really related to just ‘looks’ but people mean it differently.

What I  mean by that is for all the people, although they won’t show you on face, meaning of  “wearing a simple sari makes a girl beautiful” and “wearing a skirt becomes a showoff” are same.

Yes! It’s true.

These sentences by nature are contradicting but what makes them contradicting is those 100 different emotions of jealously, care, fear, love, hate etc.

People thinking/saying “wearing a skirt is showoff ” will usually be the people who don’t know you most or people who have been in your contact recently or people with whom you aren’t that emotionally connected..simple saying, those will be the people who don’t care how you look. Its their jealousy or an other judgement that acts on them which makes them say it. But if they keep those ego’s, jealousy aside for a moment, they are gonna accept that you look beautiful in skirt too…no matter how half it is and how open its neck still looks beautiful ..What makes people to say that dress bad are these social incidences of rapes and teases or their own jealously of you looking beautiful.

people “saying wearing a simple sari makes a girl beautiful” will find most of the people falling in this category. It’s simple and straight forward..again the same strategy..if its your dad( close people), he obliviously is gonna like you wearing that dress( again because it makes him feel safe..don’t wanna get into if  its right or wrong)  and it its your colleague( distant from the heart people)..for them, you in sari already looks awesome..they are gonna say the same.

While you think of all this ..I don’t want you to think of whether they allow you to wear dresses or not. I mean you will say, your daddy loves you so much and he doesn’t allow you to wear skirt…

That’s a different story…by different story, I mean you ask him how are you looking and he will appreciate your look but he might not  want you to wear it. It’s a complete different story ..let’s not discuss that..

Anyways, So what does this mean overall?

What I think is , It’s not the definition of beauty that conflicts between people but its their own specific thoughts about security, jealously, hate or love that drive them to think of “Sari” versus “Skirt”.

Because if skirt looks beautiful on you then it looks matter who says it.

People simply contradict/shape their thoughts based on their mentality.


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