A rude Pastor : People and Thoughts

Note: Not for over thinkers…

A rude paracas peopleandthoughts mukesh frank

I have named my internal existence as “Frank”. Here’s what Frank usually asks me again and again !!!

Frank: Mukesh..!!! You know, stop faking happiness. I’m frank, you can’t fake me that..at least you should know this ..Tell me, why do you avoid yourself ?


Mukesh:  No I don’t !


Frank: I have been spotting you Mukesh. Do you think I can’t understand that ?


Mukesh: I’m afraid !!!


Frank: Afraid of what ?


Mukesh: I’m afraid of people…I’m afraid of knowing too much of their falseness.Sometimes I hate you when you start giving me your initial thoughts about people I meet.


Sometimes, I doubt my existence. Do I even exist?

All these thoughts of people spamming my head, spare information that you generate inside my disturbed mind !!!


Frank…tell me, Do you even clean up your home? Don’t you have any tool for that?

Do you even know that you reside inside me..have a look around you..Look how much you have been spamming my head..you keep creating 100 different thoughts and you start discussing them with me !!!!

Why don’t my eyes tell you that I’m busy with something else..? I have other stuff to do ..!!!

Frank !!! Stop thinking ..Look at me ..

Do you know what is Horse shoe and Pastors?

Horse shoe ( a metal thing you see at the bottom of horse legs) protect horse’s feet from wear and tear. Pastors are more like people who take care of horse’s feet.

You know ..! We were introduced when I born and they named me ‘Mukesh’. I named you ‘Frank’ so that you being part of me, we could be frank between us and we both would be there ..

I must say, you are always supposed to be my pastor..Inspecting, repairing me when needed and making sure that I’m always ready to go into the world prepared for the things that will be hard for myself…

and Look where you have brought me !!! Is this what you care ?

I don’t really know if I’m in control.

Just been coding as best as I can..That’s it ? That’s all who am I ?

Constantly picking between choices…

Bus or Auto, Eat or Rest, Moto or Sony, Shoes or Sandles, Bhel or Pani puri, Office or Home…?

That’s it ? a cheap imitation?

It’s part of the same blur hn ? Out of focus…

and you frank!!! I know you want best out of me but do you ever wonder how much can I handle ?


I would please request you to stop spamming up in my head..That’s it !!!

Don’t tell me to be real.. You …you stop being a rude pastor. okay?

Frank: . . .

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