How to keep your mind peaceful ? People and Thoughts

how to be in peace peopleandthoughts

Training the mind to be peaceful is quiet difficult…

Stopping thoughts itself is disturbing as human mind is extremely sensitive.

Here’s how you keep yourself peaceful.

Imagine yourself sitting on the side of a busy road.

Passing cars represent thoughts and feelings.

All you have to do is to sit there and watch the cars .

But what usually happens is that we feel unsettled by the movement of moving cars.

so we run out into the road and try to stop the cars.

or may be we run after few of them…we forget that the idea was just to sit there and look at those cars.

This is why we feel restlessness feeling in the mind..

So how do we feel peaceful then ?

Being peaceful has to do with changing the relationship with our thoughts and emotions…

try to realize your aim, learn to feel your thoughts with different perspective…

so that those thoughts no more bring you into the road…

and when we do this, we naturally find a place of calm…

sometimes, you might forget that you have to just observe cars , in case we get distracted, that’s absolutely fine…

but once we realize again! here we are back to the side of the road…

just watching the traffic go by …













credits: Headspace android app.

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