How to be a Santa Claus in funny world !


I wonder, how would Santa be segregating his gifts? ow would he be defining Good vs Bad?

When I was a child, my definition for Good was something like , “Being good is being kind to people and not hurting anyone mentally or physically…”

I grew up and in the journey, my things got stolen , my trust got broken by strangers in this world and I realized that I need to update my definition of something being good.

I redefined it to, “Being good is being kind to people and not hurting anyone unless you are acting for self defense“.

I grew up further, I saw people who pray to god first than acting on the problem, I met people who behaved different on different situations, I saw people doubting me, I saw strangers kidnapping, murdering each other for money …

It seems so odd to see such selfish people around, those who behave differently just for their work, push, shove and leave others behind to get ahead …

Not hurting others is not an option so you better think about not getting hurt yourself…

So what is it ? How do you be a Good like a Santa with people? or can you at all be good with everyone ? …I really get confused about these questions…

See, first of all, you can’t be good with everyone in this have to accept that !!!

You can be good with selective people, because to some, you will have to be bad, it’s the reason why we create our own small world in this big hoax..we have our families, our people so we can choose who to be good with and how not to worry about rest of the world getting hurt…

So as long as I am good with my family, my friends, is it OKAY ?

I think our definition of Good and Bad are just as biased, as flawed as our choices in life….

or being good has noting to do with doing good !!! Oh really…is it ?

Maybe it is only about elegance, about being easy on the eyes, if your actions and existence is easy on the eyes of those around you, you are good, if not, you are not.

Or maybe there is no good or bad at all and life is only as meaningful as you force yourself into thinking it is. It’s so funny if you look at it this way with a slight sense of humor, it’s like a big practical joke that we are yet to get and guess who the joke’s on!

To be honest I simply believe in kindness(not the kind that makes you nice to one and hate another but the kind that makes you understanding towards those who are different from you). I think that’s all the religion and purpose we need in life…

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